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Rinzu is the Soukai nation's princess.


Rinzu is a beautiful young woman with light, long hair that she ties in two ponytails.


Rinzu is a popular princess. She loves the people of her nation and goes across the land to visit them. She is well-known for her singing ability.


Rinzu makes her way to thank the army for protecting the Soukai nation. In chapter 32, Zuou took her as a trophy for winning the skirmish and then made her his fifth wife, then on the same day, he took her virginity and raped her inside Soukai's keep. After the rape event, Zuou escorted her outside the keep and then shows her the dismembered body parts of her fiancé, which shook her before Zuou gave her a kiss before losing consciousness.

She was later brought back to the Tenrou nation and forcibly married to Zuou as his fifth legal wife and forced to live within Zuou's harem, with her ladies-in-waiting being held as hostages to make sure that she continues to comply with Zuou's demands.

Skills and Equipment[]

Despite never being trained in combat or displaying any capabilities as a warrior, Rinzu has still displayed several exemplary abilities and powers.


Rinzu is known to be a legendary singer, with her voice and ability to sing songs to be almost magical in nature and her talent and voice being compared to that of an angel.

Although not seen as a useful ability at first, Rinzu has displayed that her ability to sing to be most useful in gaining friends,allies and reinforcing the faith and moral of her soldiers and people, as seen where a single performance of her singing easily won her the loyalty and admiration of Hinata, Tobari, Suzumaru, Akame, Kumehachi, Hisame and the entirety of Maruge's Army.

Later upon the Soukai nation being defeated by the Tenrou's Nations invasion and their successful encirclement of the Soukai main castle, Rinzu was again able to restore the Moral of the castle's army soldiers with her singing and put them at ease despite their seemingly helpless situation. Her singing was even capable of effecting the hardened hearts of the notoriously brutal Tenrou Nation's Ten Stars, as seen where both Yomihime and Moegi had admitted that the princesses singing had also touched their hearts.


Due to her immense beauty, kind hearted personality and exceptional singing voice, Rinzu is stated to possess immense natural charisma that allows her to win people's loyalty's within seconds of meeting them. As seen where Hinta, Hisame and their respective unit members were immediately drawn to her and soon became loyal to her after seeing her personality.


  • Due to Rinzu's beauty and singing talent, many men from across the land of Wakoku have come to desire and lust for her. This list includes Zuou, King of the Tenrou Nation, Hisame, the prodigal general of the Soukai nation, Commander Waniba of the Soukai Nation who later defected to Tenrou, the extremely talented archer Kakesu, Unato of the Soukai Nation's elite nobility and even Kyoukotsu of the Tenrou, who desired to add her beauty to his "art".