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Remus was a member of the Empire's assassination group, the Group of Terror.


Remus was a young girl with long, light-colored hair decorated with a dark hair band. She wore a black shirt with a miniskirt, black tights, and light-colored boots. she also wore a long jacket.


Remus seemed to be somewhat of an airhead. She was friendly towards her team-mates and tearfully apologized to them for getting everyone in trouble. She was also excitable and easily distracted.


Remus was among the children picked for training as the Empire's assassin. Since she lacked the necessary skills naturally, she had to be given performance-enhancing drugs. Along with the rest of her group, she learned to kill using death row prisoners as targets, executing them; however, due to her clumsiness, she didn't manage to execute her target properly on the first try, which caused the group to receive punishment - cleaning up the test ground.

During the group's first real mission, however, Remus got distracted by the thought of being successful and surviving with her friends and was heavily wounded. Despite surviving, she was deemed useless as she couldn't have possibly continued being an assassin, and was euthanized by the group's leader. In her last moments, she imagined being happy with her family. Her body was later disposed of.

Equipment and Skills[]

Remus was one of the very few children to survive the Empire's cruel and harsh survival exam, thereby hinting that Remus initially possessed the needed skills, endurance, strength and potential to survive and escape the forest full of Danger Beasts. However, due to her not making it out in time, Remus's overall innate abilities were deemed to be inferior to the Elite Seven and she was instead relegated to the secondary unit, the Group of Terror.

Drug Enhancements[]

Due to being not as innately talented as the Seven, Remus was instead given a steady supply of drugs that enhanced her physical, mental and physiological development during the course of her childhood in order to give her superhuman strength, speed, endurance, durability and reflexes. As seen where during the initial stages of her first mission, Remus showcased enough strength and speed to easily overpower and slaughter several seasoned spies and fighters with brute strength alone. And later, despite being slashed in the back and stabbed in the back and front, Remus showcased enough durability and endurance to actually survive, albeit at the cost of rendering her body too weak for active duty.


Remus was shown to wield a normal katana sword with relative ease and skill to easily kill people with little trouble. As seen where she managed to easily execute prisoners with it and later showed enough skill to fight on par with veteran fighters and overpower them during her first mission in tandem with her drug doping.

However a clear flaw to her fighting style is her easily distracted, air headed personality where Remus was easily distracted upon seeing how her teammates were easily defeating their opponents that she actually stopped fighting during mid-battle to stare out at them despite still having numerous opponents in front of her. Remus was also noted to still be subconsciously hesitant in killing and would sometimes purposefully avoid hitting her victims vitals.


  • Remus is named after one of the twin brothers raised by wolves from Roman mythology, Romulus and Remus.
  • Remus was the first ever member of the Group of Terror to be euthanized.