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Ragu was member of the Gravekeepers.


Ragu's normal appearance is unknown, as he was only seen in his form of secret art.

With his secret art, he obtained a mole-like appearance. He had big muscles, claws, and fangs. He also had dark hair and a dark skin. His clothes consisted of a tight sleeveless T-shirt with a short pants and dark round glasses. Finally, like the other tomb guards, he carried the skulls of his victims around his neck. In his case, there were three skulls.


Ragu was obviously quite arrogant and called himself "the great Ragu". He also seemed to be unreasonable, as he attacked Guy hastily and did not realize that it was just a bait. Like other Gravekeepers, he would kill to reach a higher rank.


This tomb guard glared at Guy under the floor and waited for a favorable moment to attack him. However, Guy had already noticed this, so he emerged from the ground and baited him with a rock sculpture of his own. Without Ragu knowing it, Ragu destroyed the sculpture immediately and was attacked from behind by Guy. as he grabbed Ragu and kills him by pushing his head to the ground leading him to crush her skull.

Skills and Equipment[]

The Secret Art of the Gravekeepers is a unique ability to transform parts of their bodies to preserve the skills of animals and monsters.

Ragu's secret art gave him the skills of a mole. He could dig with his huge claws. He had an ability which he called "Drill Ragu", he pierced his opponent with his claws.