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Poney is a member of the Empire's assassination group, the Elite Seven, appearing in the prequel manga series Akame ga Kill! Zero. She uses the Shingu Yocto-bottoms.


Poney is a young girl with green eyes and long, auburn hair worn in a ponytail and decorated with a few hairpins. She is usually seen wearing a tank top along with Yocto-bottoms, which take the form of leggings with a belt and ankle bands. She also walks barefoot.


Poney is cheerful, straightforward and somewhat dimwitted, taking Gozuki's advice of "use your head" literally by smashing her head into one of her opponents during her first mission. She adores Gozuki and gladly completes orders that he gives her and seems to actually enjoy fighting and killing her targets, in order to impress him and obtain his praise and approval.

Later, Poney reveals that she truly loved and cherished the other members of the Elite Seven and genuinely considered them to be her family, having been greatly devastated by each of their individual deaths and vowed to become stronger for the sole sake of protecting her surviving family. This strong love at times interfered in her missions, as seen during her battle against Najasho, who had been brainwashed into becoming an enemy, as it caused her to hesitate and leave an opening for him to cut her down.

Upon the deaths of Gozuki and Tsukushi and the defection of Akame, Poney lost all motivation to continue working for the Empire as an assassin and instead chose to focus on finding Najasho, who had fled the battlefield against the Retribution Group, as she believed he was her only surviving family member left.


Poney was one of the many children that were sold to The Empire. She was picked to be put through a test in order to select candidates for The Empire's assassins. She was ranked fourth among the candidates and got into the Elite Seven.

Poney is seen acting as live bait for a snakelike dangerbeast. She was ordered to act "more deliciously" by Najasho after Akame killed a Land Tiger. When the dangerbeast eventually attacked her, she killed it with one kick to its head. After Najasho told her to sell it and carry it back, she questioned him about why he had done nothing but read his favorite book. He simply replies that she should have noticed it sooner.

It is unknown how Phoney was able to reach Wakoku, as Akame encounter her by chance after her withdrawal from brief fight with Najasho, reuniting with one of the Former Elite Seven members.

Equipment and Skills[]

Being one of the seven children raised and trained by Gozuki since childhood, Poney possess immense natural born combat potential that was brought out by her training. She has displayed superhuman levels of strength, speed and endurance that easily outclasses average assassins, as seen when she was able to easily overpower seasoned veteran soldiers and spies during her first few missions on the field, despite her relative inexperience.

Due to being raised in the mountain wilderness hunting Danger Beasts, Poney has also displayed superhuman senses as seen when she was able to immediately detect when she and her comrades were being tailed by veteran bodyguards of the Northern Tribes and being able to also detect and identify her companions by their scent.

Poney like the rest of the Elite Seven is immune or resistant to most poisons due to being raised in the Mountain Wilderness.

Hand-to-Hand Combat[]

During actual Battles, Poney's main form of combat is using hand-to-hand combat style, more accurately a fighting style that mainly focuses on inflicting high speed kicks and jumps to kill her opponents, with Poney being ranked as the second-best hand-to-hand fighter of the Elite Seven and the fastest and strongest in using her Lower Body. Allowing Poney to easily overpower and kill her targets by literally beheading and decapitating them by simply kicking their heads off or simply destroy their vital internal organs by kicking them.


Poney like the other members of the Elite Seven was given her own Shingu, the Trousers/ankle bands Shingu, Yocto Bottoms that possess the ability to enhance its users lower body strength even further. However as the Shingu does not enhance it by that much the users original speed and strength is still the main factor to make effective use of the Shingu.


  • Poney occasionally uses Najasho's shampoo, much to his annoyance.
  • After defecting from the Empire, Poney began searching and following Najasho up West, who due to the severe effects of Mudi's brainwashing bug began suffering severe head pains and began traveling farther west in search of treatment.
    • In the after stories of Chapter 60 of Akame ga Kill! Zero, it is shown that Poney has followed Najasho even farther west and is continuing to follow his trail until reaching the "undeveloped lands" even farther west, where it was then confirmed she would make her appearance in Hinowa ga Yuku!.
    • The author has hinted in volume extras that Poney and Najasho are quiet close to each other.