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Poisons (毒, Doku) are a variety of substances that can either intoxicate, disable or, in extreme cases, cause death to a person exposed to their effects.


  • Murasame is a katana-type Teigu with poison embedded in its blade. A single cut or a flesh wound from the blade will cause a person's heart to cease all functions and will result in instant death.
  • Liver used a defective strength-enhancing drug which would poison its user as a side-effect.
  • Dr. Stylish used poisonous smoke to temporarily restrain Night Raid's movements.
  • Honest wrapped Incursio's sword hilt with a concealed length of poisoned barbed wire in attempt to slowly and painfully kill its user if they ever got a hold of it.
  • Esdeath informed Run about the extreme toxicity of a certain kind of flower in the Imperial Palace's garden. If rubbed into an open wound, the flower would cause the victim extreme pain, making them useful for light torture. Run later used it on Champ to prolong his suffering in order to avenge his massacred students.
  • Honest slowly poisoned the Emperor's father and blamed his death on an illness. He later did the same to the predecessor's wife and made it appear as a suicide.
  • Air used a bottle of pills to commit suicide in the middle of the Capital's busy street.
  • The Oarburgh Clan was known to create incurable poisons; Taeko's sword was coated in one such poison.
  • Martha used a dagger coated in poison when she attacked Akame, causing her body to go numb.


Various poisons are not fatal and, if properly treated, can be expelled from the victim's body. Numerous Teigu can assist in recovery, prevent or even stop the effects of poisoning. Such Teigu include Incursio, which could protect its user and help them recover from harmful toxins. Certain poisonous Teigu have special conditions that they have to meet in order for the poison to take effect. For example, Murasame can be fought off if the combatant avoids direct contact with its blade or protects themselves by encasing their body in armor. Additionally, organic Teigu as a whole cannot be affected by any poison or toxin. Babara Oreburg was known to have a resistance to 600 kinds of poisons in her body. Akame (and presumably the rest of Elite Seven members) also built up poison resistance through training.

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