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Insignia of the Path of Peace

The Path of Peace (安寧道, An'neidō) is a religious organization in the eastern territory of the Empire that has been around for ten years. The organization believes in doing good deeds in order to keep the soul pure. Due to the rampant corruption and suppression of the people, they oppose the Empire's rule and at some point began planning an insurrection. The Revolutionary Army and Western Tribes decided to use this uprising to their advantage, planning a three-pronged attack on the Empire's Capital.

Notable Members[]

  • The Lord - A charismatic individual of tall stature, wearing long, flowing robes and a large animal skull as a headdress. He is half Danger Beast, but is unaware of this fact. He has supernatural powers attributed to his mixed Human-Danger Beast physiology. He speaks to his followers on a personal level and seems to remember specific details about them.
  • Bolic - A spy for the Empire serving as a high-ranking member of the Path of Peace. He was sent by the Prime Minister to infiltrate the organization and eliminate the leader in order to control the Path of Peace under the Empire's yolk. He was also known for drugging the members and using them as his personal toys.
  • Holimaca - Teigu user commanding a part of the Path of Peace's forces. His Teigu was the Mysterious Adayusu, a Teigu with the appearance of a scythe.