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Partas Clan

Members of the Partas Clan battling with various Danger Beasts

The Partas Clan was a clan of hunters who specialized in killing Danger Beasts. Esdeath's father was the chief and raised her to be a fearsome warrior. He also strongly believed in Social Darwinism and often told his daughter that the strong survive and the weak deserve to die. She adopted his ideas and often quoted them to both her allies and enemies. The clan was in a constant struggle for survival, threatened by both the harsh weather conditions and the Danger Beasts they hunted. The clan was eventually destroyed by one of the Northern Tribes that crossed the border; all of its members were either killed or left to die after their attack. Esdeath, who was hunting on her own during the time of the attack, was the sole surviving member of the clan.

The emblem of the Partas Clan would be used by Esdeath as a symbol for her army after becoming a General of the Empire.