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The Palace Maid was one of the revolutionaries who was tasked with assisting Tatsumi and Lubbock with infiltrating the royal palace.


The maid was a young woman with purple eyes and short, blue hair with locks hanging freely from each side. The back of it was held by a scrunchie. She donned a reddish dress with a lavender blue, shoulder-length hooded cloak and brown shoes.


The maid generally had a calm persona and spoke with a soft tone. She was sympathetic to the Revolutionary cause when aiding Tatsumi and Lubbock in infiltrating the royal palace. However, she valued her parents' lives overall, willing to betray and sacrifice the rebels for the sake of her family, even if it meant for the woman to forfeit her own life, which would be futile as Syura mentions that her family was long dead.


The maid was tasked to meet with Tatsumi and Lubbock in order to assist them in infiltrating the royal palace. Sneaking past the courtyard, they head to the group's hideout, only to find out their allies were killed and their bodies rigged with bombs.

Barely evading the massive explosion, they were quickly ambushed by Syura and Budo. In the midst of the battle, the woman grabbed hold of Lubbock in order to assist Syura, while apologizing at the same time for her betrayal. Angered by her interference, Syura slit the Maid's throat, labeling her as nothing more than a toy. With his attention diverted, Lubbock managed to trap Syura within the reach of his threads, but before he could get a chance to question him, the woman picked up Syura's knife and stabbed Lubbock in the back with it. As she succumbed to her previously inflicted wound, the maid told Syura to remember this as a token of her service to him and asked of Syura to release her parents from his custody. Syura responded to her request with a maniacal laughter, noting that he already killed her parents. thus leading to her subsequent defection from the Empire to the Revolutionary Army, all for nothing to begin with.


  • She was never addressed with a proper name, but rather referred to as a "Palace Maid" on the anime's official website. In the English dub, she's credited as an "Informant".
  • In the Japanese version, the woman is voiced by Rika Mayama, who sings the second anime opening Liar Mask.