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The Palace Elite Bodyguard was a soldier who worked for the Empire.


The bodyguard was an tall man dressed in an long coat with small belts. He wears a crow mask, scarf, boots and a cowboy-like hat. His eyes were shown to be grey.


He is an analytical thinker that never underestimated his opponent's skills, as he fought carefully against Akame and tried to avoid close combat as it could kill him.

Equipment and Skills[]

He was the user of an unnamed trap Teigu that can be carried on his right arm like a bracelet and can be pressed through one of the panel buttons.

  • Bouncy balls trap: When activated, it released multiple bouncy balls.
  • Spear Trap: When activated, it Released multiple spears from the ground.
  • Arrow Trap: When activated, it released multiple arrows, the arrows also released a poison gas.

He also had a knife in his left forearm. This knife was his main weapon in close combat.


Koukei and Dousen quickly run away, leaving their guards to fight the two assassins. Akame and Leone soon split up with Leone chasing their assigned targets and Akame attacking the defending guards.

Akame killing the bodyguard

The bodyguard's death

Suddenly the bodyguard confronted to protect both Koukei and Doukei activates from traps that being fired from hidden spot in the wall. However, Akame destroys all the arrows quickly with Murasame and she slashes his hip with the poison affecting one of his eyes and falls on the floor.

Shortly after the struggle, Akame declared that she saw through him because she could not believe that the minister would share such a secret with someone like him.


  • His name, as well as the name of his Teigu, are never revealed.
  • Her appareance resembles an Plague doctor.