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Pais is one of the spies for the Revolutionary Army. She is partnered with Ritone.


Pais is a young girl with shoulder-length brown hair and blue eyes.


Pais is a level-headed woman who strongly believes in the Revolutionary Army's cause. She was very caring for the fellow revolutionaries as well as protective of civilians, but she knows not to take any unnecessary risks.


Pais was involved in a mission to kill Bolic and help the Path of Peace start their uprising against the Empire. During the mission, she was caught by Mez and Sten and rescued by Lubbock. Later, she came to Lubbock's aid along with her partner Ritone after the Night Raid member was injured by Jaegers member Wave.

Pais and Ritone later stayed in the Capital, watching Wild Hunt massacring the Imperial Fist disciples and reporting their deeds to the Revolutionary Army's HQ. The pair also found the poster announcing Tatsumi's public execution, with Pais worrying about Night Raid facing certain death if they were to try to rescue him. She and Ritone later gave Najenda Lubbock's googles, claiming that's all they could find that belonged to him.

Pais and Ritone were also present in the Capital during the final battle, where they witnessed their comrades being killed by the Dark Squad.


  • In the English dub, Pais is credited as "Spy".