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Oarburgh (オールベルグ, Ōruberugu) is an assassination group for hire. According to Najasho, they are a group that is named after the mythological Shinigami Oarburgh. They have been involved in many assassinations throughout history and were hired by the Revolutionary Army to eliminate the Elite Seven. Their services are noted to be extremely expensive, as Gozuki was surprised that the Revolutionary Army could afford to hire them. They are also tenacious, as Gozuki correctly assumed after the death of Babara and Taeko that the group will send more assassins to complete their mission and protect their reputation.

This was later proven true, as seen where their Leader herself and a majority of their members immediately made their way to the Empire to finish off the remaining Elite Seven. However, in the end this only ended with their doom. Due to the combined efforts of the Elite Seven and the Four Rakshasa Demons, the assassination war of the Oarburgh clan ended with the Clan's complete destruction and a majority of its members, including their Leader's, demise. And despite having a few members successfully flee and survive the confrontation thanks to the sacrifice of Gilberda, the clan's name and reputation with society was as good as gone due to the colossal failure of the operation and the severe casualties done to the clan.

The survivors of the group mainly join other groups after the clan falls, as seen where Chelsea joins the Revolutionary Army sometime before she was reassigned to Night Raid by Najenda and Loris and Meela ended up joining the Retribution Group to avenge their fallen comrades and leader.


Being one of the world's most infamous assassin groups in existence, The Oarburgh clan is known for training and developing some of the most deadliest assassin's alive and as such have developed several unique and deadly techniques passed down and taught from member to member.

  • Limiter Removal - The Oarburgh clan seems to have developed a technique or training method that allows its members to remove the human brain's natural limiters on their bodies, allowing them to drastically increase their assassins' overall strength, speed, reflexes and endurance to immense superhuman levels, as seen with Taeko, Gilberta and Loris.
  • Wrigglers - The Leaders of the Oarburgh clan for generations, have passed down the unique danger beast insects, Wrigglers from generation to generation, with the insects having the same roots and origins as the Teigu of the Empire as its creators were also the alchemists that assisted in the 48 weapons construction and creation.


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  • During their first confrontation against the Elite Seven, Merraid Oarburgh stated that the Wrigglers possessed the same roots as the Teigu and was created by the same alchemists that traveled to the Empire to create the Imperial Weapons. This in turn hints that the Oarburgh clan itself is over a thousand years old or perhaps even older than The Empire.
  • As stated by Merida, the Oaburgh clan has a policy of now allowing those who rely on addictive performance-enhancing drugs to enhance their combat prowess to join their ranks.