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Nyau was a member of Esdeath's elite bodyguards, the Three Beasts.


Nyau was a young man of small build with blond hair and golden eyes. He had a somewhat feline look; his teeth were shown to be sharp, and he had slit pupils. He wore the same uniform as the other Beasts, with the exception of wearing shorts instead of pants. He also had horn-like accessories in his hair and a demon-like tail. When activating his Teigu's Trump Card, he gained a large, muscular body.


Despite having the appearance of an innocent child, Nyau was the most sadistic member of the Three Beasts. His hobby was to skin off the faces of his victims while they were still alive, a practice which unnerved even the likes of Daidara.

However, despite his sadistic nature, he was shown to be afraid of Liver's cooking, which was bad enough to make Esdeath faint. He also looked up to Liver and was very supportive of him, as shown when he argued with Tatsumi over who would win the duel, Liver or Bulat.

Like his comrades, Nyau was extremely loyal to Esdeath and was willing to follow her orders, even if doing so would cost him his life.


Nyau, along with his comrades, was charged by Esdeath to lure out Night Raid on the cruise ship Ryuusen while eliminating several of the Prime Minister's political enemies on board in secrecy. After causing all the passengers to fall asleep by using his Teigu, Nyau and the rest of the Three Beasts battled Tatsumi and Bulat after discovering them. He was the last of the Three Beasts to fall, being killed by Tatsumi in one blow after the latter activated Incursio for the first time.

Equipment and Skills[]

Nyau used a flute Teigu called Scream, which can manipulate the emotions of anyone who heard its melody. He was shown to be very fast and skilled with short weapons, as he used Scream as an improvised short staff to fight off Tatsumi's swordsmanship.

Nyau was a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, able to go toe-to-toe with Tatsumi; albeit, the latter possessed no Teigu at the time of their encounter.


  • Nyau is the Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound a cat makes (meow), a reference to his cat-like appearance.
  • Nyau shares his name with a secret society of an ethnic group found in Africa, who are known for their usage of masks in their ritual dances. Nyau's habit of making masks out of his enemies' faces might be a reference to this.