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Numa Seika was the Prince of the Northern Tribes.


Numa Seika was a young man with long, black hair and blue eyes. He wore a grey suit of armor on top of a purple, high-collared shirt. He also wore a metal headpiece with a symbol of his tribe which matched the ones on his chest plate and shoulder guards, as well as a purple cape.


Due to his title of a hero and position as a prince, it can be assumed that Numa Seika was a charismatic man with great leadership skills who cared about his people. However, his spirit was quickly crushed, and he acted like a loyal dog before Esdeath after his defeat in battle by her.


Numa Seika was a man with outstanding combat ability in the Northern Tribes, especially when using a spear. His proficiency in combat and tactics earned him the title "The Hero of the North". Such skills even amazed Esdeath, but she was disappointed with the latter's skills after defeating him.

After Esdeath defeated his army, wiped out his base and crushed his pride and spirit with him being reduced to nothing more than a dog, she made him lick her boots in the aftermath of the Empire's attack on the Northern Tribes. Shortly later, Esdeath killed him with a kick to his head, which seemed to have broken a chunk of his skull.

Equipment and Skills[]

He wore armor and carried a large spear. It was said that he had never lost a battle with his spear in hand. He was also a tactical genius who the Northern people had absolute faith in, and was considered one of the Empire's biggest threats.


  • In Arabic, "Seika" means lightning bolt.
  • It was said that Numa Seika never lost a battle while he had his spear in hand. It is unknown if that means the spear itself had special properties similar to a Teigu or Shingu, or if it was simply referring to his extraordinary skill at wielding it.