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Nuge was a member of the Revolutionary Army.


Nuge was a middle-aged man of average height. He wore pince-nez-styled glasses, had black hair and was partially bald on top of his head, having only a few strands of hair across. He donned a standard rebel army suit, with a black tie and a checkered collar, along with boots and horse riding gloves. Around his waist was a dark cloak that covered his torso and left arm. Wielding L'Arc Qui Ne Faut, he had the bow and quiver, packed with arrows, strapped onto his back.


Nuge was shown to be an egotistical and self-assertive man, acting on his own in a desperate grab for glory, wanting to be remembered as a great and powerful figure in history rather than ending the corruption within the Empire. From his point of view, one had to cast caution aside and take risks in order to progress in life. His overconfidence led him to underestimate Esdeath, regardless of her status as one of the Empire's strongest military figures. When it came to battle, he did not waver in front of his enemy.


Nuge was a member of the Revolutionary Army and a part of a battalion that had approximately one thousand soldiers. The group was instructed to lead a surprise assault on the Imperial Capital's walls. During the long march, one of Nuge's subordinates noted that they've gone far ahead of the squad instead of keeping with the pace. Nuge replied that no one will question their actions as long as they achieve the desired result. Nuge continued to state that this was the battle of the century and that he'll be forever remembered in history as the driving force responsible for the surprise attack that broke the morale of the enemy right before the decisive battle. Halfway to their destination, they were intercepted by a hovering figure in the sky, later revealed to be Esdeath who was previously informed of their arrival, much to Nuge's dismay. Seeing this as an opportunity to acquire his glory by killing her, Nuge quickly pulled out his L'Arc Qui Ne Faut, armed its bow and fired a barrage of arrows from all sides at the Ice Queen. Esdeath pulled out her rapier and swiftly sliced each one of his projectiles, while Nuge fearfully watched the display of her immense power. Esdeath returned fire with a shower of icicles, mowing down large numbers of rebels, ultimately ending Nuge's life.

Equipment and Skills[]


Nuge makes use of the Teigu, L'Arc Qui Ne Faut. L'Arc Qui Ne Faut is a bow and arrow-type Teigu. When pronouncing the name of the target(s) and if said target remains within its range, the arrows will give chase until their target has been struck.