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Nobunaga is a dry goods merchant and one of the many contestants that partook in Esdeath's tournament.


Nobunaga appears to be a middle-aged-man with black eyes, black hair styled in a chonmage, a pencil mustache and chin goatee. His attire consists of a black and grey hakama, as well as white tabi socks with zōri flip-flops. His weapon of choice is a standard katana placed inside a sword sheath, which is held by his undersash.


Nobunaga seemed to be a very calm individual, able to maintain his focus even during a heavy battle.


Nobunaga participated in Esdeath's citywide martial arts tournament to obtain a cash reward. In the pre-final match, Nobunaga faced off against a gladiator opponent. The two fighters held their own, until Nobunaga swiftly defeated his opponent and claimed victory; however, Esdeath found their match dull.


  • Nobunaga was designed and named after Oda Nobunaga, a Japanese 16th century samurai and warlord.