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Nemuri is a foot soldier from Hinata's unit in Maruge's army.


Nemuri is a young and curvaceous woman. She has freckles and short hair tied into a small ponytail. She wears a bikini top, shorts and long gloves.


Nemuri has an energetic and cheerful personality. She seems cool-headed, as she was able to act in a dangerous situation saving Yanagi's life.


Before her first appearance in Hinowa ga Yuku! series, Nemuri was a hunter. She decided to move into the army so she could earn more money. Since her job as a hunter continues to decline, she decides to joins the army.

She was first seen during battle on Shiranui Fortress. She was fighting alongside Iroha. During a fight with a soil spider, she helped Yanagi to defeat one, saving his life. After defeating Kyoukotsu by Hisame, she was impressed by him and developed a little crush, but after Hinata told her that Hisame's heart belongs to another girl, she left it off.