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Nea is a young villager who was determined to find her father.


Nea has crimson red braided into pigtails and she wears a light pink colored headband. A light pink scarf is tied around her neck, and she wears a plain, light pink sweater with some reindeer drawing on the back. As well thick boots, pupils are slightly faded due to her blindness.


Nea is a cheerful and strong-willed girl, going to look for her father, despite being blind. She was happy to be useful and helpful after Night Raid let her stay in their hideout.


Nea's search began after her mother was murdered two years before by Night Raid's most recent target of suspicion, Tonto, who now runs a curio shop in the Capital. She was wounded during the robbery and lost her ability to see, but this sparked her ambition to find her father - who left her village to earn money in the Capital - in order to notify him of this grave event. She had two men lead her to the Capital, unknowing of the fact that their true intentions were quite sinister. After Tatsumi and Sheele noticed this, they came to her aid and quickly defeated her captors.

They then brought her to Night Raid's base of operations, where she was given a place to stay, despite Najenda's initial protests. After Dinner, Nea than told the members of Night Raid that she wants to visit her father. Lubbock offered her to look for him when he went to the capital. Nea wanted to go with him, but was convinced by Night Raid to stay at their hideout. Sheele than offered to keep Nea company and was shocked that she was more skilled at housework than her. Afterwards, Nea shared her tragic past with Sheele when they were bathing and slept in Sheele's bed. The next day, Lubbock located her father and she said goodbye to Sheele. She is happily reunited with her father, but is spotted by Tonto. Tonto recognizes her and hires three criminals to kill both her and her father. However, the criminals are easily captured by Night Raid, who deliver them to the imperial security squad. Sheele later killed Tonto, ensuring Nea's safety. Nea is later seen fishing with her father while being watched by Sheele, Mine and Tatsumi.

After the Empire's defeat, Nea and her father are seen laughing happily in the Capital.