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Natala was a member of the Empire's assassination group, the Group of Terror, appearing in the prequel manga series, Akame ga Kill! Zero, up until his death. He was serving as one of Kurome's main corpse puppets up until Yatsufusa's destruction.


Natala was a young man with short, blond hair and blue eyes. While he was alive, he wore a zipped-up jacket with a belt with several pouches attached to it, as well as regular pants and shoes. He carried his spear-like weapon with him.

As a corpse puppet, he wears a mask that covers the lower half of his face and a long trench coat with a green and blue scarf. He also wore pants with knee-height boots. While still alive and working in the Dark Squad, Natala wore the same outfit but without his face mask obscuring his mouth.


Though not much of it was shown, Natala seemed to be a cheerful-yet-level-headed person who was friendly towards his teammates and would both support and playfully tease them. He was shown to care about them, as he was saddened by Womyn's death and showed concern for Gin and Kurome's health. As the only man in their unit, he felt the need to show an example to others, and was confident when it came to fighting.

As a corpse puppet, he is partly driven by his desire to protect Kurome, which proves that it was one of his dominant wishes.


Natala, along with a hundred other children, was put through an exam in a forest full of Danger Beasts in order to choose the future members for the Empire's assassination groups. While the most skilled ones were recruited into the Elite Seven, Natala didn't get enough points and ended up in an inferior group where he, along with other members, was given performance-enhancing drugs.

After his first mission with his group to assassinate a few bandits, Natala was among the survivors and was locked up with Gin and Kurome as punishment as their group was the only one to lose members.

Natala, Kurome, Gin later joined the Elite Seven to replace its deceased members in order to recuperate its strength due to being the top three members of the Group of Terror behind the original seven.

During his time with the unit, Natala participated in its covert assassination war against the Oarburgh clan. However, he was captured by them alongside Kurome and Akame and was severely tortured and rendered unable to fight during the major battles of the conflict.

After his recovery, he would return to his duties as an assassin among the Seven. However, after Akame's defection and the death of Gozuki, he and Kurome were relegated to the Dark Squad after the Elite Seven's disbandment alongside the Group of Terror.

During a mission to raid a Revolutionary Army base with Kurome, Natala was fatally injured by one of their soldiers. Due to the loss of many of her friends, her sister leaving her to join Night Raid and the mental issues caused by her drug enhancements/addiction and mental conditioning, Kurome proceeded to kill the fatally injured Natala using Yatsufusa in order to keep him by her side and turned him into one of her corpse puppets.

Kurome would then continue using him as one of her main puppets during her various mission until the main story.

He is later used in a battle against Night Raid, defending Kurome from her enemies. After the battle, Natala became one of the last two puppets, the other being Doya. Kurome also used him during the mission to protect Bolic, where Natala had to physically defend the Path of Peace member. He was damaged by Susanoo's attack and fell down, becoming unusable for a while, but Kurome used him again to help fight off Akame.

Natala was summoned again to assist Run in his mission to get revenge on Champ, and is later used to fight the members of Wild Hunt, Cosmina and Enshin. He was damaged by Enshin's attack but apparently wasn't destroyed.

Equipment and Skills[]

Being one of the survivors to the fatal survival test,The Empire employed and subsequently being ranked as Kill Rank No,9,Natala possessed immense natural born talents that was only overshadowed by Kurome who was ranked as number 8 and the Elite Seven.

During actual battle, Natala's main form of combat is spearmanship using a Naginata type weapon in battle to skewer and stab his opponents.

Drug Enhancements[]

As Natala wasn't selected to Join the Original Elite Seven, he was instead placed into the secondary Assassin Unit,The Group of Terror who employed various performance enhancing drugs to their assassins to increase their strength, speed, reflexes and endurance to the point that Natala was able to easily overpower veteran soldiers and spies during his first mission. However these enhancement came at the cost of severely shortening his life-span and causing him to suffer severe withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, body pains, spasm and seizures should he stop taking them in regular intervals.


Upon being transferred to the Dark Squad, Natala was given a Shingu of his own, Trisula, one of the ancient weapons created by a previous Emperor 400 years ago to surpass their Teigu, but was instead locked away upon the weapons not being as powerful as their predecessors. Trisula is a black, naginata-like spear with the special ability to extend itself long distances to attack from long to mid range. Natala himself showcased immense skill in its usage as he was able to butcher several Revolutionary Army soldiers with little to no effort. And later as a corpse puppet, Tatsumi noted that in terms of raw combat ability in using a spear, Natala far surpasses him, despite him wearing Incursio.


After being killed by Kurome after being fatally injured during a mission with Yatsufusa, Natala has now become a reanimated corpse controlled and manipulated by Kurome during battle.

And like all of Yatsufusa's puppets Natala can be summoned and stored away at will by Kurome and now due to no longer being alive, Natala is no longer limited to fatigue, pain and fear and can fight completely focused on killing his opponents. And now due to no longer being heavily reliant on his Drug enhancements, Natala's fighting prowess has reached an entirely new level of skill & power in comparison to his original level while alive due to no longer being burdened by his reliance on them to maintain his body. As seen when he was able to easily keep up with and overpower Tatsumi while he was wearing Incursio and fight on even ground and go up against various Teigu users with ease, despite his inferior Shingu.

Anime and Manga Differences[]

In the anime, when Night Raid had infiltrated the church to kill Bolic, both Natala and Doya were quickly defeated after a mere single blow from Susanoo.

During Kurome's reunion with her elder sister, Natala and Doya were summoned to assist their master in her final battle against Akame. Midway through the fight, a giant Danger Beast rouse beneath the church and started attacking the two. Before it could finish off Kurome, Natala pushed her out of harm's way and got crushed by the behemoth.


  • Natala's name is an alternate name of the Hindu Goddess, Shiva.


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