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Night Raid[]

  • Lubbock: Her old and loyal soldier, though she has never differentiated him from the rest of Night Raid (to Lubbock's dismay). He's the only one to have known her before she lost her eye and arm. She is aware of his feelings for her but has yet to reciprocate, though she admitted to herself that it would be nice to be in a romantic relationship, after the rebellion is settled. Following his death and receiving his goggles as a keepsake, it is hinted that she may have harbored feelings for him.
  • Akame: Najenda trusts her to the extent that she left her in charge before departing for the Revolutionary Army HQ. She was also the one who persuaded Akame to join Night Raid after her failed assassination attempt.
  • Tatsumi: She believes that Tatsumi holds great potential as an assassin. She is impressed by his set of virtues, but believes that he is naive. After Bulat's death, she offers Tatsumi words of encouragement to soothe his guilt. She however, does not like it when he comments on her age, but is still willing to explain the Revolutionary Army's plan to make him easier about what would happen.


  • Esdeath: It is revealed in a flashback that Esdeath was the one who took away Najenda's right arm and eye. They were once colleagues in the Imperial Army, where she saw Esdeath's cruelty firsthand, as well as the overwhelming power of her Teigu. She speculates that Demon's Extract is the most powerful of all the Teigu. Despite their current rivalry and enmity between them Esdeath had great regard for Najenda as a commander in the past.