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Nahashu is a member of the Empire's assassination group appearing in the prequel manga series, Akame ga Kill! Zero. He is the leader of the Elite Seven and is called "Chief" by its members. Following the events transpiring in Hinowa ga Yuku!, he's now a part of the Ten Stars of Tenrou, being responsible for leading the Guerrilla Forces in Tenrou.


Najasho is a short, young man with spiky, blond hair and golden eyes. He usually wears an outfit resembling a military uniform consisting of a long trench coat with golden epaulets and a suit underneath. On some occasions, he was also seen without the coat. During his time on Tenrou, he wears traditional military gear, similar to the equipment used by the samurai.

Upon activating his Shingu, his hair grows down past his back and his eyes gain snake-like pupils.

Retribution Group[]

Upon joining the Retribution Group, his left eye was changed with a Parasite and he has begun wearing a black version of his usual military jacket and suit.

Ten Stars[]

Upon reaching Tenrou and joining the Ten Stars, Najasho has begun wearing traditional, Japanese-based armor and robes and has seemingly begun wearing a eyepatch to cover his left eye.


As the group's leader, Najasho has a tendency to call his subordinates "shrimp", which he actually means in an affectionate way. He is also quite strict with them when it comes to completing their tasks. However, he himself apparently has a lazy streak as seen when he preferred reading a book while giving orders when the group was collecting resources to sell, according to him, that's what being a leader is about. He is generally calm, composed and confident in his abilities. While he usually acts rather uncaring towards his subordinates, he does care about their well-being. This is shown when he saved Poney from the gravekeepers.

Upon surviving the battle against the Gravekeepers, being mind controlled by Mudi and joining the Retribution Group, Najasho has displayed more or less the same personality traits but due to now suffering from Amnesia he has forgotten nearly everything of his own background and as such has displayed immense loyalty towards his new leader and was constantly seen to be right next to him whenever they were not in the field, during actual combat Najasho was shown to follow his orders to the letter and being completely obedient to him. However despite his amnesia and being controlled, Najasho has still shown to have some loyalty and care for his former teammates as seen when despite having an opening to cut and kill Poney, he still hesitated and needed to be reordered to slash her and even then he still subconsciously did not cut her deep enough to kill her and afterwards he felt immense guilt for having done so.

Years later, Najasho, having now joined Tenrou and going under the name Nahashu, has seemingly lost all of his memories of his time in the Empire, training under Gozuki and working alongside his teammates the Elite Seven. However, despite this, he has still retained his stoic, controlled demeanor and his habit of unintentionally belittling his allies and hurting/angering them out of his desire for them to improve themselves has still remained.

Despite losing a majority of his memories prior to entering Tenrou, Nashashu still occasionally remembers bits and pieces of his past. As seen where he vaguely felt that he had seen sun-glasses before upon seeing Shamon wearing a pair and later upon hearing Akame's name, felt a slight head ache due to again vaguely remembering her.


Akame ga Kill! Zero[]

Najasho is one of the many children that was sold to The Empire and had to endure hard trial where he and other children were sent into a forest full of Danger Beasts and challenged to survive. Najasho came out on top with the first kill rank and became one of the seven children that were taken in by Gozuki to be trained under him.

After years of training under Gozuki, Najasho was given his first task as an assassin, killing a group of skilled mercenaries with ease. Following the success of the first mission, he was sent on various missions, succeeding everything time eventually resulting in him and his team's existence being noticed by the Revolutionary Army. To counter Najasho and his team, the Revolutionary Army sent a team of equally skilled assassins among those are Babara Oarburgh, Taeko and Chelsea.

Having his face seen by Chelsea in one of the missions, he was ordered to go on standby by Gozuki and was ambushed by Babara in the forest along with Green and Gai. Easily overpowered by the aged veteran despite their numerical advantage, Najasho was saved by the timely arrival of his mentor, Gozuki, who took over the fight for them, eventually killing her.

He then joins the mission to the Gravekeepers' tomb along with the other members of the Elite Seven. During this mission, he saves Poney from being beaten to death by Kimatsu and subsequently bifurcates the gravekeeper with ease. He then proceeds to carry Poney on his back while escaping the collapsing tomb, slaying the gravekeepers who are in their way. When they have to cross a ravine, Najasho attempts to jump across it while still carrying Poney. However, he realizes they aren't going to make it to the other side and tosses Poney to safety before falling into the chasm to his apparent death. After he went missing, Akame was promoted by Gozuki and became the new leader of the Elite Seven.

He is later revealed to have survived his fall. However, he is traveling with a survivor of the Gravekeepers. Later, together with Mudi, became a member of the Retribution Group and was then pited against his former teammates in his amnestic state, having come close to killing Poney without realizing who they were. Later upon Mudi's death, the insect placed inside him then attempted to destroy Najasho's body, causing him to go berserk and flee the battle.

Hinowa ga Yuku![]

Following the event transpires at Hinowa ga Yuku! Najasho returns with a new identity as Nahashu. He was promoted into the Ten Stars of Tenrou several months before Akame's arrival on Soukai Nation. He earn the position after most likely defeating one of the former Ten Stars, Swordsman Rangeki. Arriving at the castle with Yomihime, he bickers with Mizuchi before Shamon stops them before heading to the meeting room as Zuou arrives.

During the invasion of Soukai, Najasho acts as one of Zuou's bodyguard. He intercept Akame's attack in time when she's attempting an assassination on Zuou, which forces her to retreat after the drug effect dissipates.

Later on, Najasho encounters Akame again, only this time, she approaches him with a clash in attempt to restore his lost memory before she makes another withdrawal once more.

Equipment and Skills[]

Being one of the seven children raised and trained by Gozuki and the first to pass the deadly exam and be given the Kill Rank of number one, Najasho is extremely deadly, having immense natural born talent in combat, so much so that a seasoned veteran like Babara Oarburgh was genuinely surprised and impressed that his own raw talent even out-shined her own protégé Taeko. Like the rest of the Elite Seven, Najasho showed superhuman levels of strength, speed, endurance, and reflexes that allows him to easily fight off hordes of enemies and fight skilled opponents with even greater experience them himself during his first few missions with ease.

Due to being raised in the Mountain Wilderness hunting Danger Beasts since childhood, Najasho has displayed superhuman levels of instincts and senses as seen when he was able to immediately detect when he was being tailed by seasoned Northern Tribe bodyguards, sense when he was being spied on by his fellow Elite Seven teammates and detect Chelsea despite her being transformed into a bird spying on him.

Like the rest of the Elite seven, Najasho is also immune or resistant to most poisons due to growing up in the wild.


Najasho himself was personally trained by Gozuki in various fields related to assassination and battle, but Najasho's most preferred field is a single bladed western sword style swordsmaniship, of which he is extremely skilled to the point that he could easily bifurcate multiple opponents single handedly.

During the course of his career in the Elite Seven, Najasho was shown to constantly fight and overpower powerful opponents, as seen where he fought Babara Oarburgh, the Gravekeepers and even defeat his mentor Gozuki with his sword play and later upon appearing in Tenrou managed to win his seat among the Ten Stars after defeating the infamous swordsman Rengeki.


Najasho, like the rest of the Elite Seven, was given a Shingu from Gozuki. In his case, it was the Water Dragon Sword, that possess the ability to drastically increase its user's strength for three minutes. The weapon itself is one of the legendary weapons created by an ancient Emperor 400 years ago to surpass the Teigu, but due to it lacking in power in comparison to its predecessors, the weapon itself was instead locked away until it was given to Najasho by Gozuki. Najasho himself showcased immense skill and mastery over the sword's strength and weaknesses to the point that could easily dispatch and contend with dangerous seasoned opponents with little to no effort in combination with the Shingu's special ability, drastically increases his already immense combat prowess.


Upon joining the Ten Stars of Tenrou, it is likely that Najasho was also given a Meihou, as it is the standard equipment given to high-ranked fighters within the nation's military.

Other Skills[]

Najasho has also been shown to be skilled and knowledgeable on first aid medical treatment techniques, as seen when he was able to easily revive Poney and treat her injures after her battle against Kimatsu after she was beaten to near death.


  • Najasho uses a special shampoo which he himself created.
  • After fleeing the battle against his former team and Mudi's hold over him disappearing, Najasho has seemingly begun fleeing West in a haze, having begun behaving like a rabid animal and attacking anyone as he made his way farther west as stated by the scouts and spies of the Empire.
    • Later, it was revealed that due to the Insect implanted in him in his head by Mudi,Najasho has begun feeling extreme pangs of pain in his head and seemingly loose control of himself and lashing out randomly, causing him to thus then seek treatment for this malady as he traveled through the western continent.
  • After abandoning the Empire, Poney, would begin following his trail. It was then confirmed that both Poney and Najasho will make an appearance in Hinowa ga Yuku!.
    • The author has hinted in volume extras that Poney and Najasho are quite close to each other.