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Muho was a wine producer and Revolutionary Army supporter.


Muho was a elderly man with unusually gaunt skin. He had white, spiky hair, black eyes and dressed in a business suit.


Muho was shown to have the same personality as Kanbutsu, except that he was a greedy man that usually cared for the ingredients that he was using.


After being assigned by Najenda, hearing that Muho, alongside Kanbutsu, committed illegal trafficking over salt producing. Later in Tekido, located near the Capital, he and Kanbutsu were seen in an apartment discussing the Empire's state while forcing him drink his special wine he made with his "fine nectar", after Kanbutsu was killed by Akame, who broke in through the window, Muho left the apartment with a scared expression, but he is stopped by Akame and poisoned by Murasame.