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Mudi was the final member of the Gravekeepers. After most of the group's elimination, he assisted in the creation of a new group.


Mudi was a tall man with purplish-blue, long hair tied into a tail and an striped horn in her head He wore tunic from white cloth. Mudi, like other Gravekeepers, collected skulls. He had at least five of them.


Mudi was a vengeful person, as after his comrades died, he was able to gather people to eliminate the ones responsible for his friends' death. Mudi was also very impatient, as he orders his group to massacre Imperial spies so he could encounter people he wanted to kill faster.


Before the creation of the retribution group, Mudi was one of the guardians of the tomb of the first Emperor in Putra. While he was on the other mission, all of the guardians were killed by the Elite Seven. He decided to avenge his friends. Mudi took Najasho, which he found in a ruined tomb, as his bodyguard and he had gone to find other people that will want to eliminate his friends' killers.

After gathering other people with the same goal, Mudi traveled on mount Hakuba. He found there Suzaku and asked him if his group can stay with Suzaku's unit. Mudi predicted that Suzaku's unit will be chosen as next target for Elite Seven and he saw his chance to finally encounter them. He later ordered Mashiro, Meela and Loris to kill Empire's spies to lure Elite Seven into Hakuba.

After the Empire learned about the massacre of their spies, they sent the Elite Seven to eliminate them. Mudi used Najasho to lure some of the members out of the city and they started to fight. During the battle, Mudi was protected to the end by Najasho. During the fight, they lost Meela. When other members of the Elite Seven came, Mudi's group decided to flee from the battlefield.

Later he is seen having successfully retreated to the Mt,Hakuba fortress together with his team and is later seen observing Loris's delusional Meal together with "Meela" and "Merriad" together with Mashiro, he later stated the he has having noted to have observed that Loris has used some sort of self hypnosis to create these hallucination in order to prevent her mind from breaking under grief and later complemented on how much of a pro Loris was for her having employed these methods to prevent her grief from interfering with her mission. Later he notices Najasho having a difficult time due to feeling guilty for slashing Poney due to still subconsciously remembering his former team, Mudi then ordered him to stop feeling guilty and later internally monologue that he never truly cared for Najasho and never truly considers him his comrade and reveals the sole reason he saved and recruited Najasho was to use him against him former Team and have him kill them in order to inflict the same feeling of pain he felt at loosing his comrades and planned to dispose of him himself the moment after he kills the Elite Seven.

Mudi is then seen lounging around the meeting room of the fortress in boredom together with Suzaku and Najasho due to the Elite Seven not planning to attack the fortress due to its strong defenses and later was seen jokingly asking Suzaku to purposefully weaken their defenses to trap the assassins, but was then annoyingly rebuked by the Commander. Mudi was then seen noticing the war gongs going off due to the Empire burning off the town in the base of the mountain to lure out the bandits and later warned Suzaku that it was likely a trap to kill him and warned him to stay away,but Suzaku unwilling to leave the townsfolk to be massacred,rebuked his attempts of advice and steeled his decision to go down and help himself and was later seen frustratingly thinking that the Empire had already taken the commander's mentality when planning out this trap and later was seen accompanying him together with his team down the mountain.

Later upon the Dark Squad and Elite Seven launching their surprise attack at the bandits,Mudi was separated from his bodyguards and left with Suzaku, where he thus then saw how Akame easily dispatch the Bandit Commander with Ease. Scared and unnerved, Mudi attempted to use Najasho to buy himself time by threateningly warning her that if he dies so does Najasho and later began scheming on how the moment Akame hesitates he would shoot her and smugly waited for his opportunity. However instead of hesitating, Akame instead proceeded to swiftly fatally slash his neck,greatly surprising him due to her not even hesitating to attack him despite his threat, killing him instantly.

Equipment and Skills[]

Like the rest of his fellow Gravekeepers, Mudi is skilled in the usage of their Secret Arts to morph his body into that of a Danger Beast,However the specific transformation Mudi can morph into was never shown.

Mudi is seemingly the only one in both the Gravekeepers and the Retribution Group to be not talented or suited in actual combat and out of all of the members of the Retribution Group is shown to possess the weakest physical ability. As seen when he demonstrated a very small amount of endurance and stamina when he was immediately winded and tired out from hiking up Mt,White Hakuba, unlike his companion who barely broke out a sweat from the hike and again when out of all of his companion was the only one to use a horse while the rest were able to easily run down the mountain. Another proof of his lack of combat skill is his needing to have a bodyguard to protect himself during actual combat.


Mudi was shown to have been a competent and charismatic leader as seen when he was able to gather various members from various different groups to join his Retribution Group and was able to calmly give orders and assess the situations in stressful or dire situation and give orders to accomplish his goal. Mudi has also been shown to be insightful and intuitive, as seen when he was able to immediately see what Loris was doing to herself to prevent herself from breaking down psychologically and was able to sense that Gozuki and Akame would likely turn the tide of battle against their favor during their first battle against the Elite Seven despite his group fatally injuring Poney,Tsukushi and Kurome.

Secret Arts[]

  • Parasite Control - Mudi has demonstrated what he claimed to be a Gravekeeper secret technique that allows him to control a person by inserting parasitic insects into their body,as demonstrated when he was able to take control of Najasho who as a result of of the parasites one of his eyes turned black with golden yellow like scelra. This ability rendered Najasho incapable of going against any direct orders given by Mudi but at the cost of him needing to be constantly close to the latter, likely to insure that his control does not slip, as seen when despite being given orders to kill members of the Elite Seven, Najasho still hesitated and did not swing his blade to kill Poney and needed to again be re-ordered to do so and even then Najasho still subconsciously did not cut her deep enough to kill her. This Technique also has the feature of having an automatic kill order within the parasties, where the moment Mudi is killed the Parasites within Najasho were set to immediately begin destroying his body from the inside out, causing him to go berserk and run off. However it was later shown that Najasho was still alive despite the parasites attempt to kill him, showing that it was possible to survive the technique, albeit the latter was suffering from severe injuries to his brain and required extensive treatement, and even then, Najasho still suffered from near complete amnesia.


In an actual fight, Mudi instead relies on a sixshooter pistol to kill his opponents, as seen when he attempted to kill Akame using it.