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Moegi is a commander of the Tenrou nation. She is a member of the Ten Stars of Tenrou, with the responsibility of commanding Tenrou's Southern Army.


Yomihime is a young woman with long dark crimson hair and eyes. She also has a curvaceous figure and built. Usually wears a black, military outfit that has exposes much of her cleavege.


She is shown to have a very laid-back personality. As noted by her fellow generals, she has a bad habit of being late to meetings, easily losing track of time. She has expressed a very excitable disposition to new things, as noted by her fellow Ten Stars. She is also noted to possess incredibly well-developed intuition and senses, to the point that she could make accurate deductions through minimal information. She is also incredibly lustful, with her entire guard unit being composed of men that she had collected that also doubles as her personal harem. As revealed by the Elder, her end goal is bedding over a thousand men and claiming over a thousand lives in the battlefield.

During her actual appearance, Moegi is shown to be decadent and completely unapologetic to her extremely sexual comments/desires, as seen when she showed complete shamelessness at telling and describing to Yomihime one of her sexual fantasies regarding her in full detail right to her face and later was seen giving her advice on how she should be more open to having more carnal relationships with men in her life, causing much frustration to Yomihime due to Moegi's personality making her slightly uncomfortable.

Moegi's lustful personality and quirks is also what ironically makes her a charismatic general, as seen where a majority of her army are shown to be incredibly loyal to her due to her actively encouraging them to "ravage" their "rewards" after successfully invading an enemy nation, castle, or village. Moegi herself is known to partake in these revelries and greatly enjoys "collecting" her "spoils of war" for her personal pleasure after a large battle.

However, despite her personality, Moegi's instinct and intuition as a militeral commander is shown were she was able to easily analyze the aim of her Leader and figure out his main goal of reaching the sea to expand Tenrou's influence to the oceans of their continent and his goal for his army to reach their neighboring nation of Soukai and conquer it to obtain access to their sea front with minimal information based completely on her instinct, showing that Moegi is a incredibly competent commander and general despite her quirks. She is also described by many as more of an animal than a human being when it comes to battle.


Skills and Equipment

Although she has not been seen in combat, Moegi has a ferocious reputation as being a complete beast while in battle and is well known for her love of plundering and conquering enemy nations with zeal. Many of her enemies consider her more beast than human and is stated that she primarily relies on her instincts and senses, making it difficult to predict her actions as she bases all of her actions in battle on her instincts.


As one of the Ten Stars,Moegi likely uses and wields a powerful Meiho created from a powerful Freak,as prescribed to all High ranking members of the various Military commanders of Tenrou.


Moegi's Meiho is later revealed to be a Nagita Spear,created from a Freak with the ability to manipulate wind and create whirlwinds called "Weasel Cuts", wind like attacks sharp enough to easily cut through steel and cleave right through flesh and bones,as seen when Moegi was able to easily mow down and butcher several enemy soldiers into pieces.

Moegi herself showed immense skill in the weapons usage and was able to easily repel hundreds of arrows fired at her,destroy her opponents vanguard and easily penetrate into the Enpa Fortress using the Meiho's unique abilities.


  • Moegi's personal Banner in the Tenrou for her army is the Yin-Yang Symbol, that accordingly signifies the harmony between man and woman.
  • Moegi is shown to always be accompanied by her Muscle Militia, her personal guard and unit who serves under her during battle that also double as her personal harem.
  • Moegi has had a sexual fling with Zuou in the past and desires to have another as her reward upon completing the invasion of the Soukai Nation.