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Mizuchi is a Commander of the Tenrou nation, holding one of the highest ranks of the Tenrou nation as Commander. Mizuchi was responsible as Zuou's Honor Guardsman or Bodyguard Unit in the Ten Stars of Tenrou.




During Mizuchi first appearance, it is shown that Mizuchi is haughty, prideful and somewhat arrogant, as seen when he berated and belittle his fellow Ten Star, Yomihime due to her failure to defeat the Soukai Army and invade into their territory and as well as insulting her and her subordinate Kyoukotsu due to their failure to take over their main fortress defense. He is also prone to anger and has a short temper towards anyone who angers/insults him, even slightly. This is shown when Nahashu used his own barbed words against him, saying that he would have likely been replaced by Kyoukotsu as one of the Ten Stars due to him being weaker than them, immediately angering and riling Mizuchi.

This short temper and immense pride was then further highlighted during the Soukai nation's failed night raid against the Tenrou Nation's main invasion base, where Hinowa and Tobari incurred his scorn and anger due to them easily deflecting both of his arrow shots, wounding his pride and causing him to almost lose his self-control due to his anger that someone was capable of deflecting his arrows more than once in one day. However, despite his haughty disposition and easily volatile temper, Mizuchi has also shown a high level of self-control, as seen when he managed to easily push away his anger and regain control of himself and think rationally during the night raid despite his short temper and retreat.

As the leader of the Bodyguard Unit and one of the Ten Stars, Mizuchi is shown to take immense pride in his position to the point of arrogance and overconfidence, as seen during his interactions with his fellow Ten Stars and his constant criticism of their performances on the battlefield and him saying that they were not worthy of their positions.

This is likely brought out due to Mizuchi's own strong sense of loyalty to Zuou, as seen where he would take anything the King would say to heart and strives to improve himself constantly whenever the king points out a flaw in him and constantly frets to give him the right answers whenever the King asks him a question. Later, Mizuchi was shown to actually be jealous when Zuou expressed his desire for Princes Rinzu.



Skills and Equipment[]

As one of the Ten Stars, Mizuchi's abilities and skills as a warrior are considered among the most powerful in the entire Tenrou Nation.

However, despite his abilities being regarded as high class, Mizuch has been noted by Nahashu and the rest of the Ten Stars as being the "weakest" among them. This is highlighted by him being unable to sense or perceive his fellow Ten Star and Ninja Commander Kururiya, despite him standing right in front of him while all eight other members were all able to "see" him the moment they entered into the meeting room and later was again unable to notice him during their meeting in the Tenrou Command Camp during the campaign to take Soukai's main castle despite him being directly behind him.


As one of the Ten Stars of the Tenrou Nation, Mizuchi received his own Meihou forged from the body of a powerful "Freak" and modeled into one of its highest models, effectively passing on the Freak's unique powers into the weapons itself.


It was later revealed that Mizuchi's Meihou took the form of a Bow, created from the Freak, also named "Mizuchi", whose special properties allow him to manipulate the direction of his arrows once fired to pinpoint accuracy, even if the shot is made underwater.


  • Mizuchi's bow shares its ability to alter its arrows trajectory and direction with the Teigu, L'Arc Qui Ne Faut and the Shingu, Prometheus.
  • Mizuchi shared his name with a species of "Freaks" also named Mizuchi. With the Freak itself being the main material used to make his bow and being his namesake.