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Night Raid[]

Sheele: Because they often partnered together and shared many life and death battles, Mine and Sheele became close friends. Among the members of Night Raid, she was the one most affected by Sheele's death, and swore to avenge her death personally, which she later did. She also personally reclaimed Sheele's Teigu from the Empire's forces, preserving her memory.

Tatsumi: When Tatsumi first joined Night Raid, she was often overbearing towards him and enjoyed making fun of him. She gained a sense of respect for him when they successfully completed a mission together to assassinate a relative of the Prime Minister. They are close but prone to bickering, with the leader of the Path of Peace even declaring that they were bound by the red string of fate. During their time together, Mine develops romantic feelings and confesses her love for him, to which he reciprocates. Later, as she fell into a coma, Tatsumi swore that he would keep staying alive, while he fights for both of [them]; he would later fulfill this promise and return to her after the war. Mine eventually recovered from her comatose state and they reaffirmed their love for each other, despite Tatsumi's permanent state as a dragon. It is also revealed that Mine was pregnant with Tatsumi's child. The two retired from duty and retreated far from the Empire where they live happily together with their child.

Chelsea: Though often infuriated by Chelsea's teasing, Mine considered her a comrade. Her end gave Mine another reason to hate Seryu, given that Chelsea and Sheele were both consumed by Seryu's Teigu. Following her death, Mine can sometimes be seen wearing Chelsea's ribbons in thought of her.


Seryu Ubiquitous: Mine despised Seryu for killing Sheele and vowed to avenge her; Seryu reciprocated by singling out Mine as her chief foe among the members of Night Raid. During their second battle, Mine demonstrated her thorough preparation by defeating Seryu's Teigu and ultimately slaying her after a prolonged battle, although Mine was only able to live through the encounter thanks to Tatsumi's aid.