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Note: Filler Events that happen in the anime only and does not constitute to the canon material.

Following the successful assassination on Bolic, Mine and Night Raid returns to the capital where Mine and Leone are tasked with surveying and making a map of the underground sewers of the Capital although suffered teasings of her relationship with Tatsumi by Leone. Mine later learns of Tatsumi's capture and planned public execution. Determined to rescue Tatsumi, Mine decides to go alone but was stopped by Akame and Leone with Najenda approving the mission to rescue Tatsumi.

As Esdeath prepares to stab Tatsumi, Mine arrives on time and shoots the execution place randomly while Najenda, Leone and Susanoo arrive on a Air Manta. Mine and Leone then proceeds to battle Budo while Najenda and Susanoo fends off Esdeath.

Tatsumi and Mine Kiss

Tatsumi and Mine share their first and final kiss

During the battle, Budo proves to be a hard adversary, incapacitating Leone early as he focuses all her attack on Mine, fatally injuring Mine in the process. Near to her final breath, Mine shoots out a powerful blast from Pumpkin and manages to kill Budo, rendering Pumpkin seemingly damaged beyond repair in the process. Mine and the remaining Night Raid members retreat, with Tatsumi carrying Mine to safety. The two eventually stop near a river at Mine's behest. She confesses her love for Tatsumi and is happy to have fallen in love with him. Mine shares a kiss with Tatsumi before succumbing to her wounds, leaving a distraught Tatsumi to grieve over her.