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Mimi was a member of Team Stylish.


Mimi had long, green hair and green eyes. She wore a purple hairband and a black choker with an arrow-like ornament hanging from it. She wore an orange outfit that exposed her shoulders and upper chest. This outfit had a purple line going across it.

Mimi's most prominent features were her large, elf-like ears bestowed upon her by Dr. Stylish.


Mimi was a member of Team Stylish. She and the rest of her comrades accompanied Dr. Stylish on their attack on Night Raid's hideout. She was presumably an ex-convict who allowed Dr. Stylish to perform experiments on her, giving her very large ears, and enhanced hearing. She acted as a support member during the assault by listening and passing on messages from the attackers as well as monitoring the situation.

With the rest of Team Stylish, she was devoured by Dr. Stylish to assume his ultimate form, a giant Danger Beast.

Equipment and Skills[]

Mimi was able to hear sounds from afar with her large ears. This enabled her to listen to the movements and speech of targets from afar, passing on vital information to her master. Her combat skills are unknown, as she didn't engage in a fight, nor state her skills.


  • "Mimi" means "ear" in Japanese.