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Mez was the daughter of Gozuki as well as a member of the Four Rakshasa Demons, who served as the Prime Minister's squad of executioners.


Mez was a short girl with a petite build. Her hair was blonde and styled in pigtails decorated with horseshoes that also served as weights. She had green eyes and her skin was considerably tanned. She wore long leggings and a shirt, which she left open, displaying a bikini/swimsuit top. Like her fellow Rakshasa Demons, she wore armor on her forearms.


Mez seemed to be very easygoing, even when in combat. She casually seemed impressed by the death of her comrade and disappointed by the seemingly easy death of Lubbock. Her personality doesn't appear to change much even when her own life is in jeopardy, even going so far as to respond to Lubbock's flirting. Mez also did not seem to be afraid of death or killing others, noting that, as assassins, it came with the territory.

Later, it is shown during the events of Akame ga kill Zero, Mez possess a slightly childish streak during interactions with her biological Father Gozuki, as seen when Mez took obvious childish delight in being reprimanded by her father and genuinely enjoyed the attention he gave her, showing that she possess a soft side for him, despite him being largely absent for most of her life. However, Mez also seems to possess an equally childish resentment towards him for not being there for her when growing up, as seen when she sarcastically stated with slight resent that she could not identify her father by his walk and stride when seeing him enter into the Oarburgh hideout due to him not being present in her upbringing, likely due to him being busy raising the Elite Seven.

However Despite this Mez has shown herself to be quite friendly towards the members of the Elite Seven having even identified herself as their "step sister in law" due to them being raised and adopted by Gozuki.


At some point in the past, Mez trained in the Kouken temple with the other Rakshasa Demons. It was mentioned that together with her companions, they fought and killed five Teigu users.

Mez and her companions came to help Elite Seven to defeat Oarburgh clan. With Suzuka, they were spying on their hideout. Mez was staying on guard when Suzuka slipped in their hideout. Later, when other Rakshasa Demons and Elite Seven started ambush, Mez alongside with Sten and Elite Seven members fought Gilberda. After they defeated her, they came to help Suzuka and Ibara with killing Cassandra.

Mez and her fellow demons were tasked with protecting Bolic from Night Raid. Mez, partnered up with Sten, found Lubbock surveying the marketplace and deduced by the way he walked that he was doing reconnaissance, so they resolved to kill him. As they were chasing him, Mez managed to land a blow on him, which they both thought killed him. Mez then ran off to chase a spy, named Pais, to Sten's location. She was then surprised when Lubbock got up, revealing he was playing dead, and prepared to save her, to which Mez said was dumb of him. The two of them quickly realize he has a Teigu after he blocks a barrage of attacks from Sten, where Mez tells Lubbock the two of them will kill him for sure. Mez fires one of her fingernails at him as he prepares to attack, but he blocks it with his threads, where Lubbock reveals that in their fight, Pais was able to get away, and uses their distraction to run away himself. 

After Lubbock kills Sten, Mez complements him for his accomplishment, and that the Minister will be angry with them. Lubbock tells her that now that they've seen his Teigu, he will kill her, but she tells him to not worry about it since they're both assassins. Mez then slathers his threads with her sweat, telling him that the Four Rakshasa Demons have trained to use their own bodily functions as weapons. As she bounces around the alleyway at incredible speed, she delivers a punch so powerful it leaves Lubbock unable to move. She dodges two knives thrown at her by him and tells him to not be so desperate. As she grabs him by the throat, he tells her that he would've seduced her if she wasn't the enemy. She playfully tells him that guys like him are her type so maybe, but she tells him to save it for the next life as she prepares to kill him.  

Mez then gets stabbed in the back with the two knives Lubbock threw, revealing he tied his thread to them and brought them back by reeling in the threads. As she was on the ground, Lubbock stabbed her in the back, killing her. He then closed her eyes and left her in the alleyway to meet up with his friends.


Mez being one of the Four Rakshasa Demons, displayed superhuman levels of physical strength, speed, endurance, and durability and her overall inborn potential was even compared to be on the same level of the Elite Seven, making her easily superior to that of an average assassin. This was easily proven when she was able to fight evenly against the Assassins of the legendary Oarburgh Clan.

Hand-To-Hand Combat[]

Due to being one of the Four Demons, Mez was also likely trained in the Imperial Fist Temple, making her immensely skilled in martial arts and hand to hand combat; a single punch from her was powerful enough to shatter an entire stone pillar and was able to easily internally damage a human being's body. Mez has also demonstrated superhuman speed as seen in her battle against Lubbock.

Much like the other four Demons, Mez was also trained to be able to easily spot and detect spies or other suspicious individuals, despite them having immense skills in acting, as seen when she was able to easily see through Lubbock's own disguise and cover and again was able to easily detect and identify Pais as another spy.

Body Manipulation[]

Mez, like the other Rakasha Demons, has displayed the same ability to freely manipulate and control her body in a variety of bizarre but deadly ways. So far she's displayed the ability to freely extend her limbs to easily punch her opponents in long range and can also presumably extend her legs in the same manner as well. However Mez's most noteworthy ability is her ability to manipulate her sweat glands to produce a large amount of sweat which has twice the weight of water and is incredibly sticky. She can then throw this sweat at her opponents, as seen in her battle against Lubbock where she created enough sweat to completely drench the threads of Cross Tail, making the threads too heavy to act as a barrier shield, effectively rendering the Teigu useless.


  • Despite being Gozuki's biological daughter, he personally had no part in his daughter's upbringing as stated by Mez.