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Meihou are the powerful weapons created in the island nations of Wakoku using the various materials gathered from the "Freaks" native to their nations. These unique weapons are usually forged and created for the Elite Military Leaders in each of the 22 nations, such as the Tenrou nation's Ten Stars and the captains, commanders and generals of the Soukai nation.


The Meihou created in the 22 nations within the island continent of Wakoku are noted to be an age-old art, with numerous blacksmiths in each of the 22 nations' capitals are known and knowledgeable on how to create the weapons, provided that they have the needed materials for their creation and the money to pay for the construction fees. Showing that the knowledge on how to create them is common to their smiths, this sets them apart from the other nations of the world, such as the Empire who, despite being more technologically advanced & developed than Wakoku is in some areas, they still have not yet figured out how to mass produce Danger Beast-made weapons as the nations of Wakoku had.

Wakoku's smiths and sword forgers themselves are world renown and known to have extremely advanced techniques in creating Meihou, even during ancient times, to the point that they even had a direct hand in assisting the First Emperor of the Empire in creating Teigu, as stated by the Book of the World, Rongo Rongo, that revealed that they were the ones responsible for crafting of the Teigu Murasame over one thousand years ago during the Empire's founding.

Models & Types[]

The crafting, creation and engineering of Meihou in the 22 nations of Wakoku was stated to be so advanced that there were actually many different model type varieties that could be created, as was stated by Kyoukotsu during his battle against Suzumaru.

  • Basic Model: During Kyoukotsu's duel against Suzumaru, he observed that the spear used was only a basic model, thus indicating that the Meihou spear that Suzumaru used did not possess any unique powers or abilities and was only shown to have immense durability due to not having been chipped or broken by his own Meihou spear and was primarily built for offense, indicating that the Meihou Suzumaru and his friends had commissioned using the parts of the Freak, Umibouzu were all Basic Models.
  • High Grade Model: As stated by Kyoukotsu, this Meihou model is created and crafted to insure that the unique abilities and properties of the "Freak" used in its creation is passed on to the weapon itself. This model was implied to be the one most used and given to only the highest commanders of the various military armies of the 22 nations of Wakoku.


  • Due to the similarities and the same materials used in their construction, the Meihou possess several similarities with Teigu and Shingu created a thousand years ago by the Empire and some of them actually possess similar powers to them.
    • Mizuchi's Bow possesses similar powers as the Teigu L'Arc Qui Ne Faut and the Shingu Prometheus.
    • Kyokutsu's Spear possesses the similar ability to extend itself longer than it actually is, similar to the Shingu Trisula.
    • The Meihou Spear of Moegi has the ability to create solid cuts of wind, an ability shared with the Teigu Shamshir.