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Meela was Loris' twin sister. She was a member of the Oarburgh Clan, though after the deaths of the rest of its members, she joined a retribution group along with her sister.


Meela was a small girl with cyan hair, which she had tied in a ponytail. On the right side of her forehead, she had a moon-shaped ornament. She wore a white shirt and a black dress.


Meela was a very cheerful girl with a lot of energy. She liked to compete with her sister in different ways. Most of their competitions involved killing people, which indicated her cruelty. As one of the last Oarburgh clan survivors, she felt a responsibility to share "the correct way to love" with other girls. She was the more knowledgeable twin and Lorris was always impressed by her.


Before her first appearance in Akame ga Kill! Zero series Meela was a member of Oarburgh clan. After the death of all Oarburgh clan members, Meela alongside her sister Loris joined the retribution group. They felt a grudge towards Elite Seven, for killing Merraid and they swore revenge.

Meela's death

Killed by Kurome

Meela alongside her new group traveled on mount Hakuba. There, they decided to stay with Suzaku's unit and wait until Elite Seven. To speed up the meeting time Mudi sent Meela, Loris and Mashiro to attack and brutally kill the group of Imperial spies.

After Empire learned about the massacre, they sent Elite Seven to eliminate them. Mudi used Najasho to lure some of the members out of the city and they started fighting. Meela fought with Kurome. Because Meela was full of vengeance towards Elite Seven and she wanted to give them a slow death, Kurome was able to take full advantage of her not inflicting any serious wounds on her to seriously injure her and slashing her tight through her abdomen. As she lay dying, Meela in a last ditch attempt to kill the Elite Seven members, activated a hidden explosive inside her body triggered by a hidden trigger in her teeth, successfully scattering and injuring Kurome and giving her comrades the opening to seriously injure Poney. Her last words being her desire to avenger Merriad.

Equipment and Skills[]

Meela, like her sister Loris, had been trained and raised by the Oarburgh clan as assassins since childhood and as such displayed superhuman levels of strength, speed, endurance, and durability, as seen when she was able to easily overpower several mountain bandits employed by the Revolutionary Army barehanded along with her sister and fight evenly against members of the Elite Seven.

Knife Fighting[]

Meela, like her sister Loris, primarily employed a set of dual dagger knifes in battle, having been skilled enough in its usage to easily butcher and kill several Imperial spies and fight and overpower members of the Elite Seven and even have the upper hand, as seen in her fight against Kurome.

Hand-To-Hand Combat[]

Meela had also displayed advanced skill in unarmed hand-to-hand combat, having been skilled enough to overpower several Revolutionary bandits alongside her sister.

Body Modifications[]

Meela also possessed suicide explosives hidden away inside her body that she could activate by clenching her teeth as seen in her final moments where she managed to successfully activate them and detonate her body and create a large enough explosion and smokescreen to give her comrades the needed chance to attack and severely injure members of the Elite Seven.


  • Despite being shown the "True path of Love" by Merraid Oarburgh, Meela and her sister have still shown attraction towards handsome men, as seen when they both blushed when speaking to Najasho and complemented him on his looks.
  • During their time together, Meela and her sister Loris have sexually assaulted their teammate Mashiro numerous times to show her the "True path to Happiness".