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Me was a member of Team Stylish.


Me was one of Dr. Stylish's stronger henchmen. He was a man with a large build and, presumably, was an ex-convict, which is the same as the other underlings of Dr. Stylish. With Hana and Mimi, he led Dr. Stylish to Night Raid's hideout.

Like Hana and Mimi, he was absorbed and devoured by Dr. Stylish's ultimate form in order for him to grow even further.


Me was a bulky man with blonde hair, black bracelets, a grey and white vest, a hat similar to Esdeath's, and he wears a purple eye patch with red, yellow and green eyes.

Equipment and Skills[]

Me had an enhanced pair of eyes acquired from an experiment by Dr. Stylish, which he could use to see objects from a long distance. He could also see things that are nearly invisible, such as Lubbock's threads that are set around Night Raid's hideout. He also considered himself as the rook in the Dr. Stylish's army, as he had confidence in his combat skills.


  • "Me" means "eye" in Japanese.