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Mashiro was Kouga's lover and a member of the Revolutionary Army. After Kouga's death, she quit the Revolutionary Army and joined the retribution group.


Mashiro was a young, curvaceous woman. She had long, silver, neck-length hair and golden eyes. She wore a dark headband and allowed her bangs to hang out beneath it.


Mashiro was very serious and strict. She was also very intelligent and quick to thought as she was able to see Green's strategy against Mudi. After the death of her lover, Kouga, she became deeply depressed, which lead her to alcoholism to cope with his lose and a deep-seated grudge and desire for vengeance against the ones who killed him, having even abandoned the Revolutionary army for the sole sake of focusing on eliminating the Empire's assassin units to complete her vendetta.

However, after she witnessing Loris's descent into delusional rejection due to losing both her twin sister and her former leader and begin hallucinating them and having animate conversation's with them to cope with their loss, Mashiro show's a more tender and caring side to her as she made up her mind to help Loris back to her feet once their revenge has been completed and even allowed the latter to begin projecting her loved ones to herself in order to prevent her from becoming too depressed.


Before her first appearance in Akame ga Kill! Zero, Mashiro was a member of the Revolutionary Army; however, after the death of Kouga, she decided that she can no longer be a part of the army until she avenges him. As such, she later joins the retribution group.

Mashiro, alongside her new group, traveled to Mount Hakuba. There she was recognized by the leader of the local Revolutionary Army's unit - Suzaku. Thanks to that, Suzaku agreed to let them stay at his base. He attempted to persuade Mashiro to return to the Revolutionary Army but she refused. While waiting with Suzaku's unit for an opportunity to attack the Elite Seven, Mudi sent Mashiro, Loris and Meela to attack and kill the group of Imperial spies.

After the Empire learned about the massacre, they sent the Elite Seven to eliminate them. Mudi used Najasho to lure some of the members out of the city and they began fighting. Mashiro was able to shoot Tsukushi, even before she was able to use Prometheus. Later, she tried to hit Green but was stopped and wounded by Tsukushi, who she thought to have defeated. Because of their desire to give the Elite Seven a slow death, they became careless and as such, lost Meela. When other members of the Elite Seven arrived, Mudi's group decided to retreat.

Due to the loss of her sister, Loris immersed herself in hallucinations, as she started seeing her deceased loved ones. Mashiro, after witnessing this, decided to take care of her and that, after the Elite Seven's defeat, she would step in Loris' madness to help her overcome her depression.

Mashiro's death

Mashiro's death

Later, Mashiro, alongside Suzaku and rest of the retribution group, fell into the Elite Seven and the Group of Terror's trap. The Empire had used diversionary tactics to lure them out from Mount Hakuba. Mashiro and Najasho were close to finishing Gozuki off, but after Mudi's death, Najasho went berserk and left the battlefield. Akame stopped Mashiro and she moved the fight farther from Gozuki. Mashiro began battle with Green, leaving Akame to Loris. When Mashiro began losing, she saw Loris in danger which gave her the strength to grab Sidewinder and draw Green closer. She quickly disarmed him and broke his neck. Unfortunately for her, she was too late to save Loris. Akame, seeing her murdered comrade, rushed to Green's body, injuring Mashiro in the process. Akame then turned to Mashiro and delivered the final killing blow to her heart resulting in her death.

Equipment and Skills[]

Mashiro was shown to be a very strong and capable fighter with her skills being held in high regard by her fellow Revolutionary Army Soldiers, due to this Mashiro has displayed above average speed,strength and endurance as seen when she was able to easily hike up Mt White Hakube with relative ease and engage the Bandit's there easily and another testament to her skill is the fact she was able to fight on even ground against members of the Elite Seven.

Mashiro has also shown herself to be highly intuitive as seen when she was able to immediately discern Green's thoughts and battle strategy after simply glancing on the faint signals he gave off while Fighting Mudi and Najasho and similar to the Four Rakshasa Demons she was able to easily detect and identify spies, despite their immense skill and training in acting.


Mashiro's main specialty is her skill in firearms,having employed a simple single handed handgun in combat and being skilled enough in quick-drawing and sharpshooting to outpace trained Imperial Spies and literally blow their hands clean off and easily contend with members of the Elite Seven as seen where she successfully injured Tsukushi and battle Gozuki and with the assistance of Najasho, overwhelm and defeat him.

Hand-To-Hand Combat[]

Mashiro has also displayed immense skill in hand to hand combat having been able to easily physically overpower and defeat a man twice her size and mass and wrestle him to the ground and displayed the ability to disarm someone and break their neck in a wrestle hold,as seen in her battle against Green.


  • Mashiro becomes considerably dangerous and uncontrollable when she's drunk.
  • In order to cope with Kouga's death, Mashiro's drinking habits have gotten considerably worse.
  • Mashiro has been nearly sexually assaulted by Loris and Meela numerous times in order to teach her the "True Way of Love" during their time together in the Retribution Group.