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Martha was a young woman that lived in Rousei Village. She sold her life to the the Empire at some point before meeting Akame. She was the first person Akame had ever killed.


Martha was a tall and attractive young woman with long, dark-colored hair tied in a long braid. She wore a bandana, a white blouse with a black buttoned sash and long skirt. She also usually wore an apron that she would remove whenever a fight got serious.


Martha was a kindhearted person who cared greatly for both her family and Akame, having come to genuinely love her like her own child. In spite of her affection for Akame, Martha stayed true to her original mission given to her by the Empire, to assist Akame and the other members of the Elite Seven’s development into assassins. In order to accomplish this, Martha was able to put up a callous and villainous facade to trick Akame into thinking she was a Revolutionary spy and solidify her resolve as a killer by having her kill her.


Martha sold her life to the Empire to save her family. She was assigned to Rousei Village where she owned an eatery and the Empire used her to train assassins. She began to care for Akame at some point during Akame's training, having developed a fondness and love for her as if she was her own. Martha in particular would cook meals for Akame and enjoy teasing her and encouraged her to be more feminine, giving and having Akame wear more girly dresses and accessories and even giving her a dress for free.

Gozuki chose Martha to be Akame's first target because of their close relationship and told her that Martha was a spy for the Revolutionary Army. When Akame confronted Martha and asked if she was indeed a spy, she denied the accusation before trying to stab Akame with a dagger. She then claimed to indeed be a spy for the Revolutionary Army. This forced Akame to counterattack and gravely injure her. Akame then asked how Martha knew about her training. Martha said she knew because she was a spy and attempted to kill Akame once more to strengthen Akame's resolve as a killer. Martha was then decapitated by a tearful Akame and her head brought back to Gozuki. While she died, she thought that she really did love Akame.


Martha was shown to be quite skilled with a dagger.