Marg Don
Giant Lizard
Kanji/Kana マーグドン
Rōmaji Māgu Don
Full name
Voiced by
Class 1
Environment Highlands
Native to Marg Plateau
Abilities Fire Breathing (alpha only)
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 22
Anime Episode 12

Marg Don is a Danger Beast species shown in Akame Ga Kill!.


Marg Dons are over-sized lizards that have horns stick out of their heads backward. They are dark gray with amber eyes and black oval gemstones embedded in their foreheads. The alpha male is shown to have a red stone.


Although they sound fearsome, they are not very strong. Instead, they rely on their overwhelming numbers to achieve victory against strong opponents. They appear to be a very social species as they have a alpha male that sends commands to the rest. The alpha male was shown to be able to spit fire at its target.


  • They resemble a dinosaur species, the Herrerasaurus, in terms of size and behavior.
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