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Night Raid[]

Najenda: Lubbock has known Najenda since his childhood and military days. He tends to call her Ms. Najenda. While he is in love with her, she doesn't seem to reciprocate his feelings for her. In Lubbock's last moments, he thought of her.

Leone: Lubbock is often caught trying to peep on Leone while she is bathing. Most of his attempts end with him being beaten up by Leone herself.

Susanoo: Lubbock considers Susanoo a rival for Najenda's affections, since he is her Teigu. As a result he has an inferiority complex, becoming irate any time Susanoo does anything impressive. He considers Susanoo to have stolen his position as the lady killer from him, though Mine states that he has "always held [his] current gag position."

Tatsumi: Lubbock has a comical relationship/friendship with Tatsumi while he was however worried when Tatsumi was kidnapped by Esdeath even though he did not state it, and had also once talked him into using Incursio to sneak up on and scare Chelsea, while she was bathing, so he could assess the danger for himself before trying to peek at her while she bathed.

Ritone and Pais: Lubbock had run into Pais during their mission involving the Path Of Peace where she was charged with assisting Night Raid by gathering information regarding the Empire's movements involving the Religious organization, where she then had the unfortunate encounter of being noticed by the Four Rakshasa Demons, Mez and Sten who then began to sadistically plan to kill her, Lubbock feeling guilty to allow a cute girl like her to die, risked his life to save her and successfully managed to save her from them and in gratitude, assisted him in escaping the area with the help of her boyfriend Ritone after he successfully killed both Mez and Sten, albeit at the cost of being severely injured. Ritone himself was also equally grateful to Lubbock for saving Pais. Later upon Lubbock's death in the Palace, the duo did their best to at least recover his body, but in the end was only able to retrieve his head piece which they then gave to Najenda and swore to do their best in helping Night Raid in order to honor Pais's debt to him for saving her life.