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Note: Filler Events that happen in the anime only and does not constitute to the canon material.

Intercepting their target in a cave meant for escape, Lubbock and Akame quickly kill Bolic and his bodyguard, Holimaca.

Following the successful assassination of Bolic, Lubbock heads back to the Capital along with Night Raid where he and Tatsumi are sent on an infiltration mission. The two of them meet up with a member of the resistance shortly before heading to their secret hideout, only to find out their allies were killed and their bodies made into bombs. They immediately meet the culprit behind the killing, Syura, who proceeds to fight Lubbock, after Budo appears and fights Tatsumi. While initially facing trouble against Syura due to the ability of Syura's Teigu, Shambhala, Lubbock manages to regain the advantage despite the betrayal from the supposed member of the resistance. After setting up his string barrier to counter Syura's Shambhala, he chops off Syura's right hand. Unfortunately for Lubbock, his advantage didn't last long as the maid stabs him in the back, and Syura uses Shambhala to send Lubbock to the end of the world. Lubbock, however, manages to attach some strings to Syura and pulls Syura along with him, killing the latter after stabbing him with Cross Tail and crushing his heart.

Lubbock's Anime Exclusive Death

Lubbock's death

With Syura dead, Lubbock is teleported back in the sky above the palace. With his Teigu destroyed, he wishes farewell to his friends and Najenda moments before getting impaled by multiple spears, dying instantly.

It is later revealed that Lubbock had been planting bombs throughout the Imperial Palace during his infiltration, which were used to their advantage by Najenda.