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Loris was Meela's twin sister. She was a member of the Oarburgh clan, but after the death of the rest of the members, she joined a retribution group alongside her sister.


Loris was a small girl with cyan hair, which she kept tied in two pigtails. On the left side of her forehead, she had a star-shaped ornament. She wore a white shirt and a black dress.


Similar to her twin sister, Meela, Loris is shown to have a playful and jovial disposition, even during battle, but was none the less as deadly and efficient assassin and can display a cold and sadistic streak during the heat of battle and like her sister desired revenge for her fellow Oarburgh clan members, more specifically to avenge their former leader, Merriad, who had been defeated and slain by the Elite Seven. Like many of her fellow Oarburghs under Merriad, Loris has shown to have homosexual feelings for other females and has attempted to seduce Mashiro, and "show her the true path of happiness", likely traits passed on from Merriad herself. Upon her sister's death, Loris could no longer take the despair and pain so much so that in order to maintain her stable mindset, went as far as using self-created delusional hallucinations in order be detached herself from these feelings and maintain her stable mindset in order to stay battle-ready, as seen when she began to hallucinate both her dead sister Meela and her deceased leader Merriad, and has begun having full animated conversations with them and fooling herself into believing they weren't really dead. Later, Lorris became fixated on her teammate Mashiro and has now begun to project her loved ones on her in order to cope with their loss and has even begun calling her "Mera-sama", as to not impede her performance in battle against the Elite Seven.


Equipment and Skills[]

Loris like her sister Meela, has been raised and trained by the Oarburgh Clan of assassins in various fields of combat and as such has displayed superhuman levels of strength, speed, endurance and durability as seen when she and her sister were able to easily overpower several mountain bandits employed by the Revolutionary Army in Mt. White Hakuba and fight against members of the Elite Seven evenly.

Knife Fighting[]

During actual Fighting,Lorris like her sister Meela employs dual dagger knifes in combat,having been skilled enough in their usage to easily butcher several Imperial Spies and fight against Poney and Akame of the Elite Seven.

Hand-to-Hand Combat[]

Loris has also displayed immense skill in hand to hand combat,as seen when together with her sister was able to easily overpower several soldiers of the revolutionary army situated in Mt. White Hakuba with ease.

Body Manipulation[]

Similar to the other members of the Oarburgh Clan, Lorris has displayed the ability to manipulate her body to a certain degree in order to strengthen and heighten her combat ability in battle.

  • Self-Hypnosis - It's been implied by Mudi that Lorris was able to place herself into a state of self-hypnosis in order to create realistic hallucination of her deceased sister and former leader in order to keep her mind in a stable state due to the severe state of depression/despair her mind would fall into if she fully accepts their deaths.
  • Limit Removal - Lorris like Gilberda and Taeko, has been trained in the skill to consciously remove her brain's limiters on her body, allowing a powerful-but-temporary boost in speed and strength allowing her to temporarily put up a decent battle against Akame in their final confrontation.


  • Despite being taught the "true way of love" by Merraid Oarburgh, Loris and her sister still displayed an attraction to handsome men, as seen when they blushed when speaking to Najasho.
  • During their time together in the Retribution Group, Loris and her sister have been known to repeatedly sexually assault their teammate Mashiro to teach her the "true way of love".