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The King Of Beasts Transformation: Lionelle was a belt-shaped Teigu that transformed its wearer into a beast, instantly increasing one's physical strength and abilities. It also amplified one's sense of smell to enable scouting. It was destroyed by Honest and fused with Leone after its destruction. Lionelle was destroyed once again when Leone died.


According to Leone, she bought this Teigu from a black market shop without knowing that it was a Teigu, as no one had been able to synchronize with it in order to make it function. This implies that it is one of the 24 Lost Teigu.


The Gravekeepers have applied the same transformation abilities that they use onto Lionelle.

When activated, Lionelle enhanced the user's five senses greatly and gave them danger beast characteristics, such as lion-like ears, paws and a tail. It also greatly increased their regeneration, physical strength and speed to animalistic levels. The belt granted the ability to locate specific individuals over a long distance. Some personality traits were affected as well, even when Lionelle was not active. Leone marked Tatsumi as her man by licking him, for example. Lionelle fused with its current wielder Leone after its destruction, making her more animalistic in appearance. She had a longer mane, tail, rounded ears, fur covering some areas of her body and sported lion-like feet. However, she couldn't regenerate her previous injuries in this form.

Trump Card[]

Regenerator (獅子は死なずリジェネレーター, Rijenerētā): The trump card of Lionelle, which granted its user high-speed regeneration. Its limits are unknown, but Leone was able to heal her removed eye, sliced breast and injuries over time. By combining it with Cross Tail's abilities, the user could reattach their missing body parts, such as arms, legs, etc. The user could also regenerate by eating other animals, as shown in Leone's fight with Dorothea



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