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Note: Filler Events that happen in the anime only and does not constitute to the canon material.

Following the success of Bolic's assassination, Leone and Mine traveled underneath the capital's underground network in an attempt to infiltrate the royal palace and kill the Prime Minister. While traversing the sewers, Leone teased Mine of her relationship to Tatsumi to which she enjoyed her flustered and embarrassed expression.

When Tatsumi is captured and Lubbock is killed, Leone participates in an emergency rescue mission hatched by Najenda to rescue their comrade from execution meant to demoralize the Revolutionary Army and retrieve Incursio vital to their cause after catching Mine attempting to rescue her boyfriend alone.

During the rescue attempt, Leone tries to fight Budo but was knocked out of commission, forcing Mine to take him alone which resulted in her death but managed to kill the Great General. After Tatsumi and Incursio were successfully retrieved, Leone and the few remaining Night Raid members escaped while Susanoo stayed behind to hold of Esdeath before his eventual defeat and death.

With very few of Night Raid members remaining, Leone joined in their group's one last mission to infiltrate the palace while Najenda leads the Revolutionary Army's siege on the capital to kill Honest once and for all. Following their successful infiltration, the group encountered Run and Leone chose to hold him off while the others continue the main objective.

As the Emperor activated his Shikoutazer, Leone and Run witnessed the massive firepower and destruction of the "ultimate Teigu" with shock and horror in their eyes and managed to save most of the civilians caught in the child Emperor's destruction.

Leone kills Honest

After Tatsumi's death in destroying Shikoutazer and Esdeath's defeat by Akame's hand, Leone intercepts Honest who was attempting to escape and killed him, crushing his skull several times despite her Lionelle being destroyed by Erastone and fatally shot multiple times in the stomach. In the aftermath of the Revolutionary Army's victory, Leone, in her last moments in life, made her goodbyes with Akame and her drinking buddies before dying alone peacefully in the slums she grew up in.