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Kyoukotsu was a commander of the Tenrou nation.


Kyoukotsu was a man with sleek light hair. Casually, he wore loose clothes and had his shirt unbuttoned. For battle, he wore armor.


Kyoukotsu was a cruel and twisted man. He liked to create art from human bodies, even from his own men. He was also impulsive and aggressive. Kyoukotsu was ambitious as well. He dreamed to be part of Tenrou's elite unit - the Ten Stars. He was also a creative strategist and well-planned man from transporting catapults, using his creativity to scale the wall, and used a Soil Spider Danger Beast for its benefits. He also had a short temper, as seen when he immediately stopped and attacked when Hisame provoked him.


Kyoukotsu was first introduced at the moment he learned about the lost battle on Mt. Kageboshi. Because of his anger, he killed his two men. Later, he created a cabinet from their bodies, which he showed to Yomihime.

Kyoukotsu decided to attack Soukai again. His main aim was Soukai's princess - Rinzu. Because of her well-known beauty, he wanted her to be part of his art.

On the day of his arrival, he challenged two members from Soukai Nation. He managed to slay Buaku, but Suzumaru is saved by a retreat signal from Shion, looking forward to the next round they met and want to make him serve Tenrou.

On the second day, he used his creativity and the soldier managed to scale the wall, but were thwarted by Elder's Class. His calculations of using catapults are also foiled by Shion, so he, along with Yomihime, moved to the conventional strategy, bidding time for Spider Soil to sneak through underground tunnel they dug in.

When he thought the plan was successful, he charged into the fortress only to be realize that he was trapped under Shion's strategy. Before he can retreat, however, Hisame provokes him. His sixth sense, however, ordered him to retreat after sensing Hisame's aura. Provoked again, he enraged and attacked Hisame, only to be blocked and missed all the vital spots. Eventually, Hisame manages to deal a fatal blow against him and Kyoukotsu stated that he will be watching him from hell before he was beheaded. His head is later shown to the Soukai Nation's soldiers in their victory.

His death makes the King of Tenrou summon the Ten Stars of Tenrou.

Skills and Equipment[]

Kyouktsu was noted to be a truly exceptional soldier with immense natural potential and intelligence that made him an ideal candidate to become one of the Ten Stars of Tenrou.


As seen during his siege against the Soukai Nation's Fortress, Kyoukotsu possessed immense strategic thinking and intelligence that allowed him to easily create several strategies to counter act the Soukai defensive army. Kyoukotsu has even displayed a level of skill psychological warfare, having been shown to utilize fear, intimidation and paranoia through his horrendous and morbid tactics to gradually wear down his opponents army.


Another notable skill of Kyoukotsu was his creativity, having been shown to be highly talented in carpentry, architecture, artistry, metalwork and building to create highly advanced (by Wakoku standards) siege weapons. As seen where he created and mass produced gigantic Trebuchet's to launch several large boulders and even flaming boulders to siege the Soukai's nation's legendary wall fortress.

Kyoukotsu was also shown to frequently dabble in the usage and creation of various equipment to further empower his army. With him having been noted to make frequent use of the hides and body parts of "Freaks" in order to take advantage of their unique abilities. As seen where he successfully created siege ladders using the sticky bones of unique Freaks in order to allow his soldiers to immediately infiltrate the fortress.

Kyoukotsu was also frequently known to make use of human bodies in his "art". Having created several highly grotesque objects using various body parts and used various methods in order to manipulate, transform and preserve the flesh in order to better capture its "beauty".

Freak Training[]

Kyoukotsu was also shown to be perhaps the first native of Wakoku to have successfully tamed and domesticated "Freaks" (Danger Beasts) for usage in warfare. As seen where he successfully trained and tamed humanoid Spider Freaks into following his simple commands and later took advantage of their earth-burrowing abilities to have them infiltrate the Soukai's Fortress and cause chaos in the enemy base.


Like all of the other high ranked generals of the Tenrou Nation, Kyoukotsu was given his own unique Meihou using the flesh of a powerful Freak in order to take advantage of its abilities.

  • Meihou Spear: As seen during his duel against Suzumaru and Hisame, Kyoukotsu's Meihou takes the form of a spear, possessing the unique power to bend, extend and move around similarly to a snake. Having been shown to make use of the Meihou to make powerful sneak attacks and impossible to follow thrusts and jabs by taking advantage of the Meihou's unique properties.


  • Kyoukotsu was shown to have admitted that he does not care about genders when seeking a partner, as seen where he openly admitted to have taken a liking to Suzumaru during their duel, despite him being a boy and latter proclaimed that he would "claim him" after he successfully conquers the Soukai nation fortress.