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Night Raid[]

Akame: Kurome seems to hate her sister for betraying the Empire, or more specifically, betraying her, yet claims that she still loves her, calling her "beloved older sister". They both grew up together as assassins after being sold by their parents. Before they were assassins, it was depicted that both of them were very close; neither of them were willing to leave from each other when they were notified that they would be receiving their training separately. Once their fight was ended by Wave, Kurome and Akame are able to reconcile now that Kurome has a chance to survive for the future. They rekindle their sisterly love for one another before Kurome leaves with Wave.


Wave: They were friends to an extent, and play chess together during their free time. Though she does not talk much, Kurome is usually seen walking with Wave. Whenever Wave's attempt to comfort a teammate fails, she pats him on the shoulder. Their relationship has developed further following Kurome's assassination attempt; she confides her fear of being killed for being weak and useless to him, and thanks him for his concern. She even expresses real concern when Wave is near breaking point for the actions of Wild Hunt, and when he angered Syura. Following Wave's fight with Syura, she shows signs of romantic affection toward him tending his wounds and was very grateful for him when he protected her from Syura, who attempted to take her as his personal toy. Wave's determination to protect Kurome's life clashes with her desire to fight Akame, culminating in her kissing Wave at one point to distract him from upcoming confrontation. Wave, however, manages to prevail against the arranged fight and manages to win Kurome over, with the two properly forming a relationship and defect from the Empire together.

Run: Run and Kurome worked together to get revenge on Wild Hunt. They displayed great teamwork and loyalty to one another, as he is able to save her multiple times. When he was about to die, Kurome could not bear to lose her comrade, so she turned him into a puppet.

Bols: Kurome and Bols had a friendly relationship for being members of the same team. Both were targeted for assassination, and Bols was killed. Kurome became enraged and ordered her puppets to brutally kill Chelsea for Bols' death. 

Seryu Ubiquitous: Whenever Seryu and Kurome were seen together, they appeared to get along just fine, fighting well alongside each other and sometimes sharing sweets. After their first meeting, Seryu even allowed Kurome to play with Koro.