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Note: Filler Events that happen in the anime only and does not constitute to the canon material.

Following Bolic's assassination by Night Raid, Kurome, Wave and Run were ordered to return to the Capital to await further orders by General Esdeath. Later while eating her sweets, Kurome lost consciousness due to the severe neck injury she suffered from Chelsea, which gave her fellow Jaegers great worry.

Regaining consciousness, Kurome sent a coded message to Akame to meet at the church where they chose their sides and the start of their feud. At the church, the sisters talk about their childhood, their time as Imperial Assassins together before parting ways and were about to settle matters once and for all.

Before they did that, a Danger Beast from Dr. Stylish's experiments appeared out of nowhere and began a rampage, forcing the sisters to work together to defeat it. Although losing her puppets, Natala and Doya, the sisters prevailed and later were about to resume their death match, despite Wave who tried to stop it but Tatsumi interfered.

Kurome, however, revealed her feelings for Wave before telling him that she would prefer to finish the duel on her own. After declaring to Akame that she still loved her, they finished the duel, ending with Kurome being impaled on Murasame. Following her death, a grieving Wave was allowed to bring back Kurome's body with him for a proper burial as well as taking her Teigu, and Akame broke down in tears for having to kill her own sister she loved in Tatsumi's arms.

Kurome's body was buried far from the outskirts of the Capital where Wave and Run pay their respects to her with flowers and candy and vowed they'll protect the newly-reformed Empire - while playfully commenting about Tatsumi running away from Esdeath again in the afterlife.