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Koukei was the Empire's Minister of Military Affairs.


Koukei was a tall and slim young man with shoulder-length hair. He dons the standard Imperial uniform which consists of a white shirt with a necktie and a leather jacket. His weapon of choice appeared to be a sword, which he kept sheathed on his back.


According to Najenda, Koukei was a selfish man who only sought his own benefits and didn't care what had to be done to reach such benefits.

Koukei was also a cowardly man and was seen crying in fear at his possible death.


Koukei works as the Empire's Minister of Military Affairs who, along with his colleagues, possesses a great deal of corruption. He diverted munitions and arms through illegal channels for his own personal profit and conspired with Honest to slander and later find generals who opposed the Prime Minister's agenda guilty of treason.

During Night Raid's final mission, he and Dousen were brutally beaten by Leone, while Najenda placed a high priority on his head and ordered for him to be dealt with extreme prejudice.