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Kisaru is an inhabitant of the nation of Soukai. He is the older brother of Suzumaru.


He has dark hair that he ties in a ponytail. He wears expensive clothes.


Kisaru believes that money can buy anything. He was a merchant like his father and somewhat cares for his younger brother. This is shown when he tried to convince Suzumaru not to go to war.


When Suzumaru was going to war, his brother tries to stop him. He told Suzumaru that with money, you can buy whatever you want and although Suzumaru is a bastard, there's no reason for him to leave. When Suzumaru returned from battle alive, he teases him about love and wants to win either Hinata and Tobari over for him. Suzumaru, however, denies his interest in both of them and makes him curious, wondering if there is another girl join younger brother's class.