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Kiriichimonji is a Shingu shown only in the prequel series, Akame ga Kill! Zero.[1] It takes the form of a katana. It was wielded by Akame.[2]


Kiriichimonji, like all other Shingu, was created four hundred years before the start of the series; the Emperor of that time in charge of their creation had attempted to create weapons that would surpass the Teigu, but failed.[1]

Kiriichimonji was kept hidden in the Empire's secret storage until it was given to Akame by Gozuki.[2] When Akame fought against Gozuki, the blade was destroyed and she immediately replaced it with the sword Teigu, Murasame


It has been stated that wounds inflicted using Kiriichimonji will never heal; regardless if the victims uses medicines, bandages or special ointments to try to mend and close the wounds, the cuts and injuries inflicted by it would continue to bleed. Otherwise, it has no other abilities.[2]


  • Kiriichimonji's name can be interpreted as "cutting in a straight line".
  • After Daniel realized that the cut on his hand made by Kiriichimonji won't heal, Merraid Oarburgh mistook the weapon as a Teigu rather than a Shingu.


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