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Kimatsu was a member of the Gravekeepers.


Kimatsu was a tall man with dark, short hair in a mohawk hairstyle. He wore black, loose clothes. Kimatsu collected five skulls.

With his secret art, Kimatsu gained grasshopper legs and wings.


Kimatsu was a man who was loyal to Weneg. He was awe-inspiring among the Gravekeepers. Because of that, he was able to convince Jamo to stop sexually assaulting captured girls.


Kimatsu, Umber and Jamo were Gravekeeper members which captured Kurome and her teammates after Arathi was killed. Later, when Jamo was sexually assaulting Gin and Kurome, but Kimatsu came and stopped him.

Kimatsu's body

Kimatsu's body

When Elite Seven came to help captured Group of Terror members, Kimatsu met Tsukushi and, without any problems, he defeated her. He took her to where the Gravekeepers were keeping Group of Terror members. Later, Kimatsu, after Umber's death, started fighting with Poney. During battle, he used his grasshopper skills, and thanks to them, he nearly killed Poney. Just before Poney's death, Najasho came and killed Kimatsu.

Skills and Equipment[]

Kimatsu as gravehooper

Kimatsu as grasshooper

The Secret Art of the Gravekeepers is a unique ability to transform parts of their bodies to preserve the skills of animals and monsters.

Kimatsu's secret art gave him the skills of a grasshopper. He didn't have much strength in the upper body, but he had power in the lower body. He was attacking by pushing back and forth in the narrow interior of the graves with his grasshopper legs.


  • According to Takahiro, the origin of his name is not very clear. He was named Kimatsu because his hairstyle is "the last century" (Seikimatsu = end of a century).