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Kill the Sorrow (Urei o Kiru) is Extra Chapter 4 of the Akame ga Kill! manga series. It acts as an epilogue for Akame ga kill! by giving a flash of the protagonists' lives after the last battle.


After the fall of the Empire, Kurome is healing her body and soul in an hot spring, together with Esdeath and Ubiquitous, but they fade into memory, leaving Kurome alone. Soon after, the demons of her past emerge from the hot water and harass her by asking why she killed them. The vision is interrupted by Wave who comes by and inquires her if she had anymore nightmares, she states that she feels fine now that He is present. They return home where they eat Wave's soup following Bols' recipe, to which Kurome notes that Wave's food is always made out of fish, shellfish or seaweed. Wave asks her if she's getting tired of it, but she replies that she's fine with it as long as it's him who cooks, stating that now even her stomach belongs to him. He blushes from the way she spoke and she notes that she has a princess-like attitude, as pointed out by one of her past friends, to which Wave asserts that he's ready to fulfill every request from his princess. Kurome then blushes and asks him to "protect" her even during the night, which Wave accepts by telling her that he would have done so, even without Kurome's request.

The story moves to Mine and Tatsumi, now on a "flying date" that consists in Mine riding upon Tatsumi, now a dragon. Mine is still recovering, but is willing to face anybody who could complain about Tatsumi's new body, the two of them being on their way to Tatsumi's village. The latter has adapted to his new form, but Mine is jealous over Tatsumi's good-looking appearance, even as a dragon, He reassures her about his care for his now-wife. Neither of them has received contact from Akame and Mine wishes that the latter has found a place to rest just like her.

Meanwhile, Akame is wondering through an unknown village and sees Najenda in the distance.

In the following two extra pages, Mine awakens from atop Tatsumi's back and sees Akame, they rejoin and Mine asks Akame if it's true that she went to the east continent, and the latter confirms and says that she's doing so to unravel a cure for Murasame's curse and maybe even for Tatsumi's affliction, in order to make him return to his normal self. Then Hinowa comes in and Akame explains that she's fighting along with her to end the war in the east continent, Mine wishes that they meet again.

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