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Jamo was a member of the Putra Gravekeepers. He appeared in the prequel manga series, Akame ga Kill! Zero.


Jamo was a muscular man with a black, sizable afro and short beard. When using the Gravekeepers' Secret Arts, he gains the features of a firefly with squid-like tentacles, ink projection and can shine in the dark. Like the other tomb guards, he carried a collar with the skulls of his victims around his neck.


He was a jokester who liked to call himself "Uncle Jamo" as well as a womanizer as best seen when he examined a captured Gin.


Jamo, Umber and Kimatsu were Gravekeeper members which captured Kurome and her teammates after Arathi was killed. Later, Jamo was sexually assaulting Gin and Kurome until Kimatsu came and stopped him.

When the Elite Seven came to help capture Group of Terror members, Jamo started a fight with Akame. During the battle, he showed his squid abilities. While fighting, Jamo captured Akame with his tentacles, but Akame, who liked seafood, began eating his arms. Jamo, beginning to lose the battle, attempted to flee. He wanted to use Weneg's relative in his fight with Akame, but Jamo was captured by Green, while Akame killed Weneg's relative.

After that, Weneg came and he helped Jamo. They began to fight with Green and Akame. When Jamo started loosing, he tried to flee from battle once again. But this time, Gin was able to catch him. He told her truth about the current situation. That the one who attacked was the Empire for treasures and the Gravekeepers just tried to defend themselves. After that, Gin killed him.


As a member of the Gravekeepers, Jamo could use the Gravekeepers' Secret Arts which allowed him to transform a part of his body into that of a danger beast.

His use of the Secret Arts allowed him to transform his arms into those of a squid, secrete a fluid over his body that makes him tough to hit, and project ink from his mouth.