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Izou was a master swordsman and a member of Wild Hunt.


Izou was a tall and slim middle-aged man with black hair worn in a top ponytail and wears a green kimono. His eyes were shown to have black sclerae and red irides, but he usually kept them closed. He was often seen with a twig in his mouth. He carried his katana Kousetsu tied to his belt.


Izou was a calm, stoic man with immense bloodlust. He claimed that he needs to allow Kousetsu to "drink blood" regularly. He loved the Empire for allowing him to have as many fights as he wanted. Unlike the most of his fellow Wild Hunt members, he did not have an obsession with sexual abuse. He was also shown to honor foes that he's faced with a strong will, such as Lubbock.


Izou was recruited by Syura during his travels around the different kingdoms and nations in order to serve as a member of his newly formed group, Wild Hunt.

When Wild Hunt committed various crimes throughout the capital, Izou did not participate in their mass rape or torture, as he was only interested in killing his opponents to "feed" Kousetsu. As a result, he did nothing but kill the people standing in Syura's way.

Izou was shown to patrol the imperial palace and cut down Lubbock, who tried to escape from its prison, killing him. However, he had said that Lubbock had earned his respect for his strong determination to live.  

Later, Izou was seen together with Dorothea, preparing to go out with Cosmina, who was now merged with a Danger Beast. After attacking several Revolutionary Army outposts and slaughtering every person there, the trio was confronted by Akame, Leone and Tatsumi of Night Raid. Izou fought Akame and, despite predicting her moves, was eventually get his back cut down by Akame and falls on the ground while screaming in pain. Before dying, he praised Akame's skills and offered her to take Kousetsu, but she refused to do so, as he dies from Murasame's poison.


Izou was seen to be a master swordsman who excels at handling his sword: Kōsetsu (江雪). The manner in which he used it greatly resembles Iaijutsu, a real-life Japanese style of sword-fighting. Another, older name for Iaijutsu is Battōjutsu, the two are often used interchangeably along with the word battō, the shortened name of Battōjutsu.

After losing two of the Wild Hunt members, Syura claimed that having Izou would make up for these losses.


  • The author, Takahiro, revealed that Izou's sword Kosetsu is not actually speaking to him and that Izou is only delusional.