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Iokal was a distant blood relative of the Prime Minister Honest.


Iokal was a man with short, black hair with a purple streak on the left side of his bangs. He wore small, round glasses. His outfit consisted of a military-like green uniform with a white fur collar, a red sash and golden epaulets. He also wore black boots and gloves.


Iokal was a sadistic man who would kidnap young women from the Capital and whip them to death after raping them with his bodyguards, using Honest's name and status.


Due to this corruption, as well as his connection to the Prime Minister, Iokal was ordered to be assassinated and became a target of Night Raid.

During his assassination, Tatsumi and Mine waited in the branches of a tree nearby until he emerged from his residence with an entourage of females in tow. Mine killed him instantly with a pinpoint shot to the head. After his death, his bodyguards launched an unsuccessful counter-attack, and were annihilated by Night Raid.